Sunday, 8 July 2012

Personal, Spiritual and Psychic Mediumship Development

Morning all, hope no one has melted in the rain!  It's been an interesting summer so far to put it mildly, but the good news is that summer didn't officially kick in until 21st June so we've only lost three weeks of potential frying!

As you may have seen, Nicky and I are running a Spiritual Retreat in October at the wonderful and relaxing Buckland Hall in the Brecon Beacons, 5 minutes off a main A road, 20 minutes from Monmouth railway station, and yet the moment you get through the doors of the hall the modern world somehow ceases to exist.

As you walk into the Baronial Hall you're confronted by two roaring log fires surrounded by the kind of comfy sofas you have at home, or for those who are hot stuff a huge bay window that looks out over the surrounding hills and valleys of Wales.  The gardens are amazing, the bedrooms are comfortable and as big as anything you'll see in a decent hotel; in fact far bigger than many hotels bedrooms of my acquaintance.

It's also one of the most Spiritual places I've ever been to, and the paranormal activity is friendly and comfortable.

Why though would you come on a course of this type?  Why not just psychic mediumship development, or personal or Spiritual development?  Why the mix?

The answer to those questions is because Nicky and I apply every aspect of our psychic mediumship work to our own lives - because it is applicable to being at work, having relationships, dealing with family, bringing up children (her not me, I just chase cats round the garden in the rain and clean up fur balls), and anything else you do between getting up and going to sleep. Oh...and understanding your dreams.

We both have close contact with our Guides Amos and Shanamaya (to name but two of our amazing team) and they are always there to give us advice on how to cope, often coming up with something we would never have considered, the gentle wisdom of which blows us away.  There's no doubt in our minds that we're both better people because we have them to help us.

So when it comes to the psychic mediumship training, whether you want to be a worker in the Spiritual field or whether you would just like to be able to hear your life Guide or Guardian Angel, or feel the love from your loved ones and friends in the Spirit world, the training is useful.

If you've ever had paranormal experiences that have concerned you a course like this can also answer a number of questions, put your mind at rest, and you will learn about psychic protection and what is and is not a matter of concern.  If you have a child showing psychic or mediumship tendencies it can be very useful to understand the field yourself and know where to go for guidance and help.

If you just want to handle people at work by being more understanding then the psychic exercises will be a great help, or if you want alternative means of guiding your life in the right direction other than trying to think logically, then learning about your intuition and finding out how strong it is will be very useful.

Spiritual development isn't a fluffy concept either, with the exception of the points mentioned above, it is real life development that works in the real world.  If you learn to meditate you have means of calming your mind so that you can think.  The body won't sleep if the mind won't relax, so meditating in bed can be an effective way of relaxing.  Even if you don't sleep you can tell your body it is totally relaxed and resting and still bounce out of bed rejuvenated and ready to rock.

You can learn the difference between a dream and a lucid dream or even a Spiritual journey undertaken during the night, and you can learn how to understand the messages your mind and higher self (Spiritual aspect of you) are sending you.

You can learn how to react to people in a completely different way, and most importantly you can learn how to be happy.  Yes, it is possible to learn how to be happy and feel that your glass is completely full 90% of the time.  You can learn what else is available to you to support you through your life in order to have a bigger toolbox of help when you need it.

Here's another thing that might surprise you - I know beyond doubt, and so does Nicky, that she would have had a far harder time recovering from her accident of 2 years ago had she not been a Spiritual thinking.  I have also changed completely from someone who suffered from permanent acute anxiety for over 20 years to someone who gets flashes of it when they get stressed or tired, and knows that's just a message to "Do Something!" about it.

Personal development may sound different, but naturally Spiritual development leads to personal development and magic happens in real life.

Lastly, you will know the difference between a psychic and medium and you will know whether you want to pursue any of the fascinating work available in the field.

When I say lastly I mean that loosely of course.  I haven't even got to nature readings, walking meditations for those who can't sit still, fire readings, psychic games, inspirational speaking, colour readings, seeing auras, exploring healing, learning about holistic therapies, and all the many wonderful things we have at our disposal in our lives and want to share with you.  And the new friends, there are always new friends on courses like this, which means that if so far you've felt very alone with your changing Spirituality you won't be when you leave Bucklands.

In case you haven't seen the advert it's £238 for the two days full board and all teaching, payable in 3 amounts £80 now, £80 in August, £78 in September.  If we get over 33 people the September amount will be a bit less.

There it is, we so want to get our teaching going and start really helping people to improve their everyday lives and perfectly normal human abilities.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights

Deb and Nicky xx