Friday, 26 November 2010

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: What Kind of Day Have You Had Today?

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: What Kind of Day Have You Had Today?: "Hi...I was wondering what kind of day you'd been having? Good or bad, boring or exciting, happy or sad, engaged or indifferent? What's goi..."

What Kind of Day Have You Had Today?

Hi...I was wondering what kind of day you'd been having?  Good or bad, boring or exciting, happy or sad, engaged or indifferent?  What's going on with you?  Have you any idea?

We often fall out of bed in the morning in a stupor, snuffle our way into the shower, spray deodorant in the vague direction of our armpits and all over the cat, wave at our eyelashes with mascara, and then drift off to work in a fog of indifference.

Yet take away the job we dread, or give us a good dose of the flu that makes us remember a) to clean the loo more often and b) that feeling well enough to go to work is actually a good thing, and life takes on a different complexion.  Until we get jaded again and forget all the positive stuff.

You've probably heard the term 'living mindfully' and are aware that it suggests that you take conscious control of your life, but I would add in another - perhaps simpler - term.  Living outwardly.

Many people live their lives wrapped up in their own thoughts, allowing those thoughts to bounce around randomly and not always bring about the most positive mental attitude available.  Give a person something new and they'll extrapolate that out to include all the things that could go wrong and terrify themselves thirty seconds after the initial contact with the newness.

Yet if you live outward, taking notice more of the information entering through your eyes and ears you will often find opportunities where you least expected them.  In discovering those opportunities in real time you will also be more ready to take advantage of them.  You will also stop living only in your own thoughts, which can be limited. 

Let's face it, you can't think about the new exciting thing that you don't know about.  You can only dwell on the same old same old, or a fantasy future that you can't imagine being able to create.

If instead you keep your eyes and ears open, your thought volume turned down to 'ticking over' and your mind on what is before you at this moment, you will encounter the first steps that you can cope with rather than living in an imagination that can be as unrealistic as it is frightening.

Life can appear to be like a chasm sometimes, you are here and on the other side of a great gap is what you dream of.  You find yourself mentally trying to build bridges or flying machines to get over that gap, yet if you live life in the now and take the opportunities that arise when they arise you will discover three things:

  • There are no gaps in life only gaps in knowledge.
  • What you aren't ready for won't be revealed to you, and nor will the 'how' of achieving it.
  • Your future might be far more golden and exciting than you can possibly imagine.

Don't miss it by missing the moment!

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Monday, 22 November 2010

The more things stay the same

How often have you champed at the bit, waiting for something to change and improve your life?  Something you've dreamed about or hoped for and it just doesn't seem to want to come to fruition?

I used to be like that, I used to try to push the river of life faster than it's natural speed of flow.  I used to worry that I'd never achieve anything, never make anything of my life.  Then life changed, I didn't do anything to make it change the timing was right and the changes came in, it was as simple as that.

It started with Mediumship ability just switching on in me at the age of 34.  I had never suspected that I was a Medium and never sought to become one; I didn't even follow Mediums and go to churches and demonstrations of Mediumship.  Yet the ability switched on like a light and there it was, but that was the starting point.

I didn't know what to do with this new ability so I practised on friends and friends of friends, and basically got on with ordinary life.  I went to university to do two degrees, I worked, I looked after the home (in a fashion) and the cats (really well), and I shopped and ate chocolate.

However, whenever the time has been right and without me thinking about it something new has come in out of left field, most unexpectedly, and I've always tried to just go with it.

I believe this is down to two things, firstly that my Akashic Records say that I will do this thing at this time, and secondly because I'm not afraid to dream and keep dreaming.  As anyone into cosmic ordering will tell you, as you dream so shall you manifest.

The latest change started on Friday and reached boiling point today, I am thrilled beyond belief but I wondered why it had come in now.  Then I turned around and looked at the vision board I did in June, and there it was, I'd put it on the vision board 5 months ago.

So, do yourself a vision board, don't limit yourself to what you believe you can do instead put on it what you want to do.  Keep dreaming and hold onto those dreams, see them in great detail and make them real.

In doing so you will subconsciously take the steps to realise the dreams, even though you may not realise that the step you're taking will bring in the dream, you'll take it anyway.

Oh, and go out, meet people and take new opportunities.  If you're not out there willing to meet new people, grow as a person, be different and adventurous it will be hard for the Spirit World to ring in the new.

Things will only stay the same if you stay the same.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Negativity - and all the places it hides!

I've been following the comments on a certain popular social networking site recently and to be honest I'm appalled at the level of negativity in peoples' comments and the amount of arguments that are developing because people don't agree with each others' viewpoints.

I have to be honest, it's beginning to be a little boring and depressing even checking out the latest thoughts.

I don't want to add yet another negative, but all grown adults know that life can be challenging and there is no need to create more upset and unhappiness, nor burden others with your personal negativity.

We are all aware how much information there is out there on how important positive thinking is in creating a better life, which means we really have no excuse for promoting a negative life view; especially those who work in the Spiritual field.

We know that negativity is damaging.  We know that "your life is what your thoughts make it".  For goodness sake Marcus Aurelius said that in the 1st Century AD, what excuse do we have for not having caught on by now?

How about we expand on that?  "Other peoples' lives are affected by your thoughts" ME.

What you teach others, what you say to and about others, what you teach your children, all has a significant effect on how they live their lives, and maybe even on peoples' health.

So please, please, I implore you, try to be a positive force in this world.  I know how hard it is when life has dealt you a blow, but a wonderful friend of mine always puts a positive post on a day like that and then tries to live up to it!  Give it a go if you can.

Lastly, don't fear the opinions of others, this is a very big world and there is plenty of room for all the beliefs and outlooks that we can create, and more.  Most importantly, if others are aggressive towards you it is likely that your thoughts or plans are in some way frightening them.  

As it says in "Conversations with God" by Neil Donald Walsh, there are only two emotions, love and fear, and all other emotions come from there.

In a positive and happy frame of mind.


Monday, 8 November 2010

Christmas Blues

Sadly I noted today that some people are truly dreading Christmas this year, some because of the current financial climate and some because they are always the ones who create the Happy Christmas that everyone else enjoys whilst they are melting in the kitchen mopping their fevered brow with a dishcloth.

Most of the people dreading the financial impact of Christmas are worried about being unable to give their children nice Christmas presents, something that all parents want to do because children are too young to know that they shouldn't prize presents over people.  All they know is that Santa is coming and he should have presents with him, just like he has for their friends.

They are too young to rationalise and parents cannot provide, it's a very hurtful situation for loving parents who know that possessions aren't the be-all and end-all, but also know that Santa should be able to deliver a Christmas morning full of joy and excitement.  Most kids will land up focusing on one favourite gift or playing with the boxes, they're not monetary - they don't know what that means - they're after the experience of being a child, believing in Santa and loving Christmas.

I don't know how those parents are going to explain to their kids, and my heart goes out to them.  Especially if they're going to be forced to take children from the innocent joy of childhood where money doesn't equate and forcibly quantum leap them to a place of worry and responsibility.  Where their much longed for doll or truck stops being a fun toy that helps to develop creativity and dreams and instead becomes a 'thing', a 'possession' - something that people who don't love enough want.

How can you explain financial burdens without breaking little hearts or catapulting them into adulthood and worry?  You certainly can't say "if I was dead you'd miss me more than the presents".  You can't tell them why people are so much more important than stuff.

I don't know if it helps, but my parents used to help me make a list and then tell me to pick my favourites, they also set a budget for me.  That way I was expecting a favourite gift but also not expecting too much.  That seems to have worked.  We also used to go to the local childrens' home before Christmas and give some of last years' toys away, which taught me (without a lecture) that there were people a lot worse off than me.  Perhaps the local charity shop will suffice if you don't live near a childrens' home.

As to the overburdened mums and grandmas.  If you don't teach your family to share then you create a burden for the next generation.  So why don't you say that although you will host Christmas you will need help.  Someone should bring the starters already made and ready to heat,and  someone else should bring the desert ready to go in the oven.

If you have a big family you have loads of people to bring the other goodies like chocolate, cake, mince pies, chocolate, sausage rolls and of course chocolate (or have I already mentioned that?).

The children can come and decorate the tree and throw tinsel all round the house, they'll love that!  And you can always put the tree right later (and take the tinsel off the dog).

People love to share, and they love to be useful, and sharing and being useful gives people a sense of self worth.  If you insist on doing everything then they will never know how it feels to be rewarded with smiles after a job well done.  They won't know how it feels to know that mum has had a better day because they contributed.  They won't see your sigh of relief when they deliver their starter or pud to the table, and they won't receive the thanks that will make them feel appreciated.  What they will do is see the future - and fear it!

So instead of knocking yourself sideways because you love them, allow them to share with you in the wonderfully loving and sharing experience that Christmas can be, and when you feel tired remember all the people who would love to be part of a big, manic, busy, loving Christmas just like yours.

Wishing you a happy festive season and far less stress and worry leading up to it.

Happy days and Blissful Nights

Deb (Dancing Star) Hawken
"One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star"  Nietzsche

Friday, 5 November 2010

Looking forward to the weekend

Everyone who works looks forward to the weekend, spending time with loved ones, not having to get up at silly o'clock to go to work or the battle with traffic or public transport.  Obviously this is a very sensible attitude, except that weekends represent only 2 days a week and work takes up an enormous 5 days!

If you enjoy your work, as I do, then you're very lucky if not blessed, but if you don't enjoy your job then you are unhappy for way too much of the time.  Unfortunately it's only too easy to pursue a path at 18 that really doesn't suit you by the time you're 30 and drives you to distraction at 40.  Then you feel trapped because you can't afford to become the novice again and drop to the pitiful wages of the apprentice in a new career, not that anyone would have you because you're far too old to begin again!  What can you do though, you have to work?

Ok, that's the negativity out of the way, now let's look at the potential positives of life.

  • Just because you have to work it doesn't mean that you cannot do work that you love.  You may no longer love your chosen career but you can find a company where you make so many good friends the actual work loses it's negative impact.
  • You can start a hobby such as painting or crafts that you can sell at the weekend, using the money to build up a nest-egg that will allow you to change your life.  Yes it might take a few years to get your finances into position but if you start next year it will take a year longer.
  • If you're young enough and don't have many financial commitments then change your career as soon as possible before you're trapped by mortgages, bills and responsibilities.
However, sometimes changing your job just isn't possible, but there are still options:
  • Firstly, learn about cosmic ordering and then order up the life you want and don't worry about how it will happen.  The Universe works in mysterious ways and it doesn't require money to make things happen, it just needs to know what you truly and positively want.
  • Walk the Spiritual path.  Spiritual thinking changed my life and it can change yours.  Your life really is created by your thoughts and if you change the way you think about and approach life you will soon start to notice a real difference.
If you think this is just chat let me tell you a little story.  In 1994 I was discussing opening a Spiritual Centre with friends.  In my mind's eye I could see a large manor house where people of all persuasions could come for a relaxing visit and find out about the Spiritual field while they were there.  Nothing happened because it all sounded a bit far-fetched and none of us could conceive of having the money to buy such a centre.

Over the years I started to develop my work anyway and things chugged along nicely, until one day a friend of mine found us an opportunity at Warner's Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset.  As I was driving down the drive for my first ever visit I saw the Spiritual Centre of my vision.  It is a place where people of all persuasions come to visit, and many of them come to find out about my work just because I'm there.  No I don't own it, but that really doesn't matter. not limit the Universe with negative thinking.  Work out what you want, do a vision board, and then get out there and do something positive.

Wishing you happy days and blissful nights


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Spiritual Breakthroughs

Many years ago someone gave me a book of inspirational sayings called "Dancing Star" and in there was the saying by Nietzsche that you will find all over my website, leaflets and business cards:

"One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."

The saying resonated deeply with me because I arrived on the Spiritual path as a result of what you might call a tricky youth and a slightly painful (masterful understatement here) marriage.  I arrived on it in a state of despair - not to go into details that should remain in the past - and definitely in a state of chaos.  Since that day so many years ago, I have felt better and better because of my Spiritual knowledge gathering.

Sometimes now when people come to me for help or a Reading, or to study at one of my workshops, they comment on the knowledge I have, and I always tell them that it's knowledge gained through two things, the school of hard knocks and a willingness to learn from life.

As you will see in an article called "Karma Balance" which will be appearing in Silent Voices magazine in the new year (, I believe that people bring us lessons everyday and we have two choices, either to understand that people's behaviour towards us is a lesson and learn it, or to believe that we're being hard done by and complain.

If you take the second option you will spend the majority of your life feeling hurt and bewildered, whereas if you take the first option you will have breakthrough after breakthrough almost every day of your life.  Which means that every day life in general will get a little easier to deal with, and you might actually start silently thanking those people for bringing the lesson to you to learn.

So the message is, wake up, be aware, LIVE your life don't cruise through it, learn your lessons and allow them to make your world a sunnier place to inhabit.

(With special thanks to Sharon Barr of Silent Voices who reminded me that I need to DO SOMETHING with my BLOG)