Friday, 5 November 2010

Looking forward to the weekend

Everyone who works looks forward to the weekend, spending time with loved ones, not having to get up at silly o'clock to go to work or the battle with traffic or public transport.  Obviously this is a very sensible attitude, except that weekends represent only 2 days a week and work takes up an enormous 5 days!

If you enjoy your work, as I do, then you're very lucky if not blessed, but if you don't enjoy your job then you are unhappy for way too much of the time.  Unfortunately it's only too easy to pursue a path at 18 that really doesn't suit you by the time you're 30 and drives you to distraction at 40.  Then you feel trapped because you can't afford to become the novice again and drop to the pitiful wages of the apprentice in a new career, not that anyone would have you because you're far too old to begin again!  What can you do though, you have to work?

Ok, that's the negativity out of the way, now let's look at the potential positives of life.

  • Just because you have to work it doesn't mean that you cannot do work that you love.  You may no longer love your chosen career but you can find a company where you make so many good friends the actual work loses it's negative impact.
  • You can start a hobby such as painting or crafts that you can sell at the weekend, using the money to build up a nest-egg that will allow you to change your life.  Yes it might take a few years to get your finances into position but if you start next year it will take a year longer.
  • If you're young enough and don't have many financial commitments then change your career as soon as possible before you're trapped by mortgages, bills and responsibilities.
However, sometimes changing your job just isn't possible, but there are still options:
  • Firstly, learn about cosmic ordering and then order up the life you want and don't worry about how it will happen.  The Universe works in mysterious ways and it doesn't require money to make things happen, it just needs to know what you truly and positively want.
  • Walk the Spiritual path.  Spiritual thinking changed my life and it can change yours.  Your life really is created by your thoughts and if you change the way you think about and approach life you will soon start to notice a real difference.
If you think this is just chat let me tell you a little story.  In 1994 I was discussing opening a Spiritual Centre with friends.  In my mind's eye I could see a large manor house where people of all persuasions could come for a relaxing visit and find out about the Spiritual field while they were there.  Nothing happened because it all sounded a bit far-fetched and none of us could conceive of having the money to buy such a centre.

Over the years I started to develop my work anyway and things chugged along nicely, until one day a friend of mine found us an opportunity at Warner's Cricket St. Thomas Hotel in Somerset.  As I was driving down the drive for my first ever visit I saw the Spiritual Centre of my vision.  It is a place where people of all persuasions come to visit, and many of them come to find out about my work just because I'm there.  No I don't own it, but that really doesn't matter. not limit the Universe with negative thinking.  Work out what you want, do a vision board, and then get out there and do something positive.

Wishing you happy days and blissful nights


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  1. Thanks for the post Deb, inspiring as always! ;-)