Monday, 22 November 2010

The more things stay the same

How often have you champed at the bit, waiting for something to change and improve your life?  Something you've dreamed about or hoped for and it just doesn't seem to want to come to fruition?

I used to be like that, I used to try to push the river of life faster than it's natural speed of flow.  I used to worry that I'd never achieve anything, never make anything of my life.  Then life changed, I didn't do anything to make it change the timing was right and the changes came in, it was as simple as that.

It started with Mediumship ability just switching on in me at the age of 34.  I had never suspected that I was a Medium and never sought to become one; I didn't even follow Mediums and go to churches and demonstrations of Mediumship.  Yet the ability switched on like a light and there it was, but that was the starting point.

I didn't know what to do with this new ability so I practised on friends and friends of friends, and basically got on with ordinary life.  I went to university to do two degrees, I worked, I looked after the home (in a fashion) and the cats (really well), and I shopped and ate chocolate.

However, whenever the time has been right and without me thinking about it something new has come in out of left field, most unexpectedly, and I've always tried to just go with it.

I believe this is down to two things, firstly that my Akashic Records say that I will do this thing at this time, and secondly because I'm not afraid to dream and keep dreaming.  As anyone into cosmic ordering will tell you, as you dream so shall you manifest.

The latest change started on Friday and reached boiling point today, I am thrilled beyond belief but I wondered why it had come in now.  Then I turned around and looked at the vision board I did in June, and there it was, I'd put it on the vision board 5 months ago.

So, do yourself a vision board, don't limit yourself to what you believe you can do instead put on it what you want to do.  Keep dreaming and hold onto those dreams, see them in great detail and make them real.

In doing so you will subconsciously take the steps to realise the dreams, even though you may not realise that the step you're taking will bring in the dream, you'll take it anyway.

Oh, and go out, meet people and take new opportunities.  If you're not out there willing to meet new people, grow as a person, be different and adventurous it will be hard for the Spirit World to ring in the new.

Things will only stay the same if you stay the same.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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