Thursday, 31 May 2012

That's What Happens When You Get Busy!

I know that I have followers from several parts of the world who read my blog, and I have to apologise for being so absent from this site lately.  I've been studying.

I've been writing a book for years and I realised that I wasn't actually doing it, just noodling around with a few words here and there but not committing myself, but I didn't know why.

Fortunately I saw an offer on the internet to join for a set of free seminars and I have to say that it's been amazing, full of content and really useful information for aspiring writers, but it's also been hard work.

Each day I've listened to 2 hours of content, and the rest of my time has been taken up with putting into practice what I'm learning, and that for me has been the key step - doing something with the knowledge I have.

I think the moral of this story is that sometimes you have to take a step back from normal everyday life and do something completely different, enjoy what you're doing and really get into it, because it gives you a fresh perspective in life and maybe some fuel for your inner boiler of energy and enthusiasm.

I've enjoyed doing something different even if it's meant neglecting a few of my old stalwarts - not forever, but just to have a bit of a mental and emotional refresh!

Give that some thought, thank you for your continued support, and let me know what you choose to do to give your life a new coat of paint.

That website again is, or look up Christine Kloser on Facebook.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights and new opportunities


Friday, 18 May 2012

Are You A (problem) Keeper or Solver?

Are your problems your best friends?  "Of COURSE not!!!!" you're yelling at the computer screen, wondering if I'm completely and utterly nuts or have just lost my senses for a moment.

I'm neither, I'm a person who has worked with people on their problems for over 20 years and I can tell you that what I'm saying is true - many people hang onto their problems in the same way they hang on to a friend who may not be a positive force in their life but is better than no friend at all.

The way they do this is to complicate the problem out of all recognition until it's so big and difficult that it can't possibly be solved.  They try to see into the future and imagine how they would solve the problem, and then get scared and don't solve the problem at all because the end result seems so huge.

Whereas problem solvers take a long hard look at the issue and then take it one step at a time until they solve it.  Slowly and methodically.

One of the hardest things in life is to know yourself, warts and all, and trust yourself to be able to manage your own life.  These are attributes that should be taught in schools alongside Maths and English, because those strengths would get you a lot further in life than purely academic abilities alone.  But they're not, to the detriment of those who have gone before, those going through the system, and those yet to come.  To my mind positive thinking and problem solving attitudes should be taught in schools.

So once we've been trained by the people in our past to be the person we are, now we have to take responsibility for that and change it.  That's what I did and it's been a long road and sometimes a hard one, but from the day I made the decision that I would take out of my psyche all the things I'd been taught as 'truths' that I now knew a) weren't truths and b) were nothing to do with the person I am, everything has been that much easier.

How to do it though?  I can only suggest simple steps in a blog.

  1. Keep a journal and note whether you're a positive or negative thinker (remember, you don't always need to think negatively about difficult issues, you can think positively in a difficult situation). 
  2. Focus on happiness and nice things.  Really notice all the good around you, the birds, the flowers, the rainbows, the opportunities to go out and have fun.
  3. Go out and have fun.
  4. Read loads of books by 'thinkers' and build a mindset that is all your own.
  5. Go to see many inspirational speakers and find out what makes them tick and why.
These are good starting points because you have to change you in order to change your mind.  You don't want to be leaping in trying to change yourself all at once.  That simple step of journal keeping will tell you where you are emotionally.  The focusing on happiness will fill your mind with much better thoughts and that alone will put you in a positive space for dealing with your life.  Having fun will turn you into a fun person whose glass is always half full.  Other ideas will give you just that, other ideas to have in your head rather than the negative ones that have been taking up space.

The last big fear to be dealt with is "who am I without my problems?"  There's an entire book or counselling year in that, but here's a simple answer to start working with - someone happier.  Imagine that!  Imagine that every day, spend mind time thinking about it, feeling how it would be, visualising how you would live if you were happier, make it so real you can feel it and guess what?  It will happen.  

Just snuck another step in there.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights and no...oh what was the it's gone out of my head!

Deb :-)

Viva La (Psychic) Difference!

I'm not a person who launched into or has ever done this work purely for the buzz it's given me, like everything I do in life I think deeply about what I'm doing.  I examine my motives for doing it, and I work to ensure that I do my absolute best for my clients at all times.

Over the years I've become aware that I'm a very different Psychic Reader to most people but I've never understood why.  I give what I'm given through the cards or what I pick up from their aura, and that's all I can give because that's what's there to be shared.

Many clients have come back to me telling me that everything I said in the last Reading I did for them has come true, and I know of at least two people who met their current partners in exactly the month I said that love would come in.  However, I still don't understand why some Psychics seem to work mainly on predicting the future and I don't, and I know there are others like me.

When I have a problem like that I always put it over to the Spirit World and ask my Guide, Amos, to help me understand the plan.  This morning I woke up with the answer.

I don't work purely on the surface level, which is to say working on the obvious such as when will love come into someone's life, in exactly what month should they leave their job, telling them yes and no about moving home. I work at an emotional and soul level.

Everyone is here to live their own life and to create that life to their own satisfaction and happiness.  We all know that the right two people can meet, and then mess it up spectacularly later on.  We all know that the right job can turn up but the wrong mindset within that job will always find fault with it and make it difficult.

I realise that I've told many clients over the years that things other psychics told them didn't work out because of deeper emotional reasons going on with them - not with other people. You see, you can believe that things keep going wrong for you, particularly romance, because you attract the wrong people all the time.  Whilst that is partly true, it will mainly be because there is something going on with your feelings and approach to life that creates an attraction to the wrong people in the first place.

So no matter how much bounty and happiness you're promised, if you have blocks to accepting the joy in life then it will be really hard for you to find the joy that you deserve.  That's where I come in with my work.  Helping people to identify their underlying life and soul issues so that they're ready to jump on any brilliant opportunity that comes their way, and not so busy looking on the dark side of life that they don't see the flash of light that passes them heading on to find someone who was watching.

I've also had to deal with a fair number of clients who have received negative predictions and are now officially terrified of the future.  However, when I look into it for them I usually discover that there are positive ways to avoid much of the mess they've been promised because nothing is written in stone until you write it.  Sometimes, sadly, it isn't possible to be positive but that's very very rare and there is always coping advice that can be given to support the person through that time.

I now know that my job is to help people deal with their lives on that emotional level, to help them clear the blocks within them, deal with problems confronting them in a positive way, and enable them to manage their own emotional, Spiritual and physical lives successfully and with minimal assistance by teaching them simple techniques for managing life.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and plenty of happiness and relaxation


Living with Laughter

As you probably know by now, I'm a co-creator of "The Do Something! Tour" (c) with my friend Nicky Marshall.  The Tour is about helping people in the audience work out simple solutions to everyday problems and irritations so that they can leave the event with an action plan for change.

After much thought and consideration we decided to try to make the Tour and it's work as funny and light as possible.  It was a difficult call because you would never want anyone to think that you were trivialising the things in life that upset them, but by the same token we've realised that the heavier and deeper you get into problems the worse they become.  Whereas on an evening where much laughter is shared amongst the wisdomness and inspiration we get better results and feedback.

This taught us that most people don't want to take ordinary life problems too seriously, they want to feel light and energised and able to deal with them.  If you think about it this makes sense, the lighter you feel the easier it is to lift yourself above your problems and see the road ahead without them.  The more miserable you are the bigger problems become, until the point where a broken fingernail or ladder in your tights, scratch on the car or red wine on the tie, become unendurable in the greater scheme (or should I say mess) of things.

So if you want to come to a Do Something! Tour event or workshop, or listen to our Radio Show on Paramania Radio, remember that there will be a lot of laughter and giggles shared to add that spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down oh so sweetly.

After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights and giggles.


The Do Something! Show,
Thursday 7.00 pm GMT/BST, 2.00 pm EST
Bring chocolate!