Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Festive Greetings, Thanks, and A Look Back in Joy at 2011

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone who has read and/or supports this blog and my work for their support during 2011.  When you work alone knowing that people are enjoying what you do and finding it useful is very special and I appreciate the support.

Secondly, obviously, I'd like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy All Year for 2012.  I hope that those not of the Christian persuasion will enjoy the break with their families and loved ones, I find it rather nice to think of other people sharing our traditional holiday and it giving them time with family.

Lastly, let's look back at 2011.  Has it been a perfect year?  No.  Has it been a great year?  Yes.  I've decided that this year I will only remember the highlights and let the petty irritations take care of themselves.  It's a much nicer way to remember a year and it brings only the positive forward with me.

My real-life highlight this year will always be learning to enjoy flying and visiting Sweden, Ireland and America, I have Pierre Hasslebrandt to thank for Sweden and The Six Sense Academy to thank for Ireland.  I will never forget that.  I have Nicky Marshall to thank for Sedona, and I'll never forget that either.  Hopefully next year I will bring in something as wonderful for her.

Travelling really added to my Spiritual development, and it also showed me that people can believe that they all speak the English language but that don't.  I learnt through travel that it is possible to string together a meaningful sentence without understanding the meaning.  I also learnt in Sweden how many colloquialisms we use and how people might think you're over there working in your own language but actually you're frantically editing every word you say to bring it into proper English.  I do not speak 'proper' English LOL.  I also learnt that I love the Swedish people and I'm really excited that some of them are coming to work with me in Glastonbury in 2012.

In Ireland I met some of the warmest, kindest, most supportive people I've ever met.  I don't think I've ever experienced such a welcome.  I also made friends with the wonderful Chrissie Astell and feel like I have a sister for life even though we don't get to talk as much as we would like to.  She's a very busy Angel lady.

In both countries I loved working with people so open minded and willing to try whatever you asked them to with a light heart and total enthusiasm.  Two races of magical people.

In Sedona with Nicky I learnt what "Wow!" means in regard to scenery.  I always think of Britain as stunning (and always will) but Sedona was so unusual there are few words for it.  Again I discovered that English and English are not the same language, and again I found a race of warm, caring people and fantastic pancakes!

I experience earth energy vortices for the first time, loved two and was totally and literally knocked backwards by two.  Nicky was also inspired to attune me to Reiki III on 11/1111 by the side of the creek at the Cathedral Rock Vortex.  It was a spur of the moment decision that just felt right, and I did miss the other girls I did Reiki I and II with, but it was special.

We had a great time in Sedona shopping for the shop and gifts for our loved ones, we also had some quite Spiritual experiences that were personal and special to us.  We ate well, saw amazing wildlife, spoke to Native Americans, walked for miles, climbed rocks, laid flat on our back on buttes inside a medicine wheel (well one of us did, the other one maintained a modicum of decorum).  We laughed, we giggled, we discovered that one of us is quite capable of an in-depth conversation at 6 am and is therefore slightly better suited to the other one's husband, in fact that goes both ways LOL.

Moreover, I learnt that I could spend a week with Nicky in complete comfort, knowing that my humanity would be accepted and handled with grace and charm.  You can't say that about a lot of people.

Spiritually this year has been amazing for me and I really feel that I've changed a great deal.  I've let things go that I should have released a long time ago.  I don't need to become so involved in everything as I used to.  I find it easier to stand back.  I worry less (yes I tremble when I write that because a born worrier doesn't let go of their worrying easily LOL).  I enjoy life more.

As far as the work goes I've put my Mediumship on the back burner and set up the Do Something! Tour with Nicky Marshall, we're both completely bowled over by the success already and really looking forward to a busy year next year.  Even more amazingly my lovely friend, and now Nicky's friend, Barrie John has chosen to be part of the Tour.  We're both thrilled.  We've spoken to a few people about the Tour but no one has 'got' the concept in the way Barrie did, our beliefs are also close to his heart and he has bought so much with him in the way of enthusiasm and inspiration.

Fitness wise I've done more, and I intend to do even more next year.  Every time I lapse in my fitness I realise how much better I feel with a carefully planned fitness programme - there is nothing 'fit' about overdoing it!

The thing I find the most amazing though is how many times I've used words such as amazing and wonderful through this blog.  What a joy it is to be able to do so.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, a wonderful festive season and someone to kiss under the Mistletoe.  (Off to buy Mistletoe)

Deb xx

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The "Do Something Tour" Conundrum

On Thursday 8th December at 7.00 pm we have our first ever Do Something! Tour evening in Thornbury, Gloucestershire.  As always people want to know what the Do Something! Tour is about, and that answer is quite easy.  The Tour is about encouraging people to change their lives by changing the way they think.  What isn't so easy is telling you what each event will be about, we just can't do that because you're all different.

There are lists of famous people who have believed in the concept of your thoughts being the one and only thing that create your reality.  Sir Winston Churchill, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo; to name but a few.  If you read the book "The Secret" or buy the DVD you will see many, many names you will recognise who all have two things in common - they believed in the power of their own minds and they were hugely successful.

My personal favourite is the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (1st Century AD) "Your life is what your thoughts make it", and he should know because he was a Roman soldier who became Emperor.

If we accept that these successful people are correct and our lives can be significantly influenced by our thoughts, then it becomes extremely important to take our thoughts into consideration when we're working to change our lives.

Think for a moment.  How many people have you known who have made big changes in their lives and somehow landed back in a very similar position, if not almost exactly the same.  "How did she/he fall for someone so similar?" you will have asked.  Or "you can't POSSIBLY be as miserable in this job?"  Shall I go on?

This happens when you don't change your approach to life, when you don't change your beliefs, and when you don't embrace every possibility that's hidden within your unique and complex personality.  It's more often than not caused by believing what other people have said about you in the past, not just your parents but everyone you've ever come across.  Most annoyingly you will probably have accepted limitations placed on you that were never your beliefs in the first place, and all this happened when you were too young to sift the information, give it due consideration, and then consign it to the Recycle Bin of life.

This is exactly what Nicky and I are out there trying to change - the thoughts you're thinking that are creating your current reality.  You see, we don't believe in the limitations of the past.  We don't believe that anyone can tell you who or what you are.  We even view our weaknesses as strengths because we identify them and then try to put them to good use.

We DO believe that every person we meet is full of untapped potential, not just to create a happy, vibrant, wealthy and peaceful life, but to live the life of their dreams with no limits.

Most importantly we believe that all change can be achieved gently, that there is no need for vast upheaval and truckloads of anger.  You won't need to quit your job, sell your children, file for divorce, disown your parents, or dress in pink and live in a Yurt.  You can make huge changes in your life, gently, kindly, and at your own pace.

We also KNOW something very important, everyone has intuition and no one should ignore it.  Many people we meet would agree, but they have no idea how intuitive they are, how accurate they are, or how to tap into that potential.  Nor have they ever explored their inner truth without being afraid that the world will stop and everyone will fall off if they dare to mention their dreams in public.

Imagine if Martin Luther King had never mentioned his dream?  Where would India be today if Gandhi had said "who me?", it might have taken years of bloodshed rather than (mainly) non-violent resistance to gain independence for India.  As part of our work we encourage you to access and trust your own intuition, and recognise your inner truth, then work towards it at your own pace and in your own way.

These are some of the things we are trying to achieve with the "Do Something Tour".  We've only done one event so far but we are told that at least three lives have changed because of it.  (Those people are our heroes.)

So what will happen if you come to Thornbury on Thursday, or Zion in Bedminster Down in January, or Covent Garden in March?  The truth is we don't know.

We know that there will be talking and questions and inspiration, because we have an enormous portfolio of ideas, exercises, meditations, thoughts, stories and giggles, all of it in our heads, and only useful if we can do the one unique thing that makes us...us.  Tune into the room and intuit what is needed on that night.

You see, you are all individuals and each person has specific needs, whether or not they're aware of those needs.  Not everything we say will mean something to you personally, but something will strike a note somewhere in your mind and be stored for future reference.  Not only that, one of your family or friends might be in trouble at sometime in the future and you'll find that your mind will run a search pattern and up from somewhere will pop something really useful.  You might not even remember where you heard it, but that doesn't matter as long as it helps at the time.

So come along and join us for an evening of fun and inspiration, stories and giggles, and yes it's true - we are the ones who bring chocolate with us (and non chocolate items for those who don't eat chocolate).

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights and bucket loads of useful inspiration


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Do Something! Tour

You may have seen our new Facebook page and/or heard mutterings about the Do Something! Tour, I thought some of you might like to know what it's about.

It started as a joke.  Even though Nicky has firmly established and improved her lovely, welcoming coffee shop The Witches Brew (Woman In Total Charge of Herself) in Bristol and I have conquered my fear of flying and taught in Sweden and Ireland this year, both of us were champing at the bit and feeling that we hadn't done enough.  There was something that needed to be done and we weren't sure exactly what.

I'm sure many readers know what I'm saying.

We started off joking around trying to cheer each other up in a conversation that went something like:

"I'm fed up I haven't achieved much this year"
(Pause for nice comments about wonderful coffee shop)
"We should do something Deb"
"Ok, I have an idea, let's pencil 'Do Something'" into our diaries for next year.
(Pause for two Guides to pull disapproving faces)

Then it occurred to one of us, why don't we go out on the road and just Do Something!  We're always trying to encourage people to get out there and try something, anything, if they want to change their lives.  Why didn't we do just that.

So we asked the lovely Louise from Limepark Studios to design us a logo and set up our first event.

As always we tuned into the room when the audience arrived and then started talking, we work together organically very well and whilst one is talking the other one will be picking out important points and noting them on a flip chart, then taking those points forward.

We had a great evening and I can honestly say that it was wonderful to just be 'doing something'.  We also realised that in standing on a stage, tuning into the audience and working with them we were really walking out talk.  This tour will grow, change, develop and improve every time we set foot in a hall or on a stage, and we have no idea what the end result will be.  We are literally just Doing Something! and our audience can see that.

We don't stand up there as world experts on being happy, we stand up there as two people who have learned a lot through our formative years in the Spiritual field, and through our work in the last 17 years or so, and we want to share that with anyone who might need help, inspiration, or just someone who knows how they feel.

It's a wonderful privilege and opportunity, but have I told you exactly what Do Something! is all about?  Of course not, because it will be different every time you see us.

Please feel free to share this blog, we appreciate all the help and support we can get at the moment, and we are being blessed with so much support we KNOW this is right.

Our next events are in Thornbury in Bristol, then two more in the Bristol area and Covent Garden in London, and we haven't started planning let.

We're on the wonderful UKPN Radio on Sunday, which should be a riot if the guys are in their usual top form.  See our Facebook Page for details.  http://www.facebook.com/DebAndNickysDoSomethingTour

It's very exciting and two months ago we couldn't have imagined this, which is why Do Something! is a good idea in every sense of the world.

Look forward to meeting you one day.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and the inspiration to change your lives

Deb xx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sedona - Back Home

Well I'm back here in the UK after an annoying flight from Phoenix.  I'm sorry BA, I want to support my home airline but I'm afraid your economy seats are a joke.  Nicky and I are normal sized adults and we couldn't find anywhere to put our arms during the flight, nor could we stretch out our legs.  I came home cramped up and tired.

That, however, was the only downside to the trip.

What I have found interesting though is the reactions around me to my reaction to Sedona and the holiday.  It's as if people expected more for me from the trip than they think I've got, as if they sent me off with expectations that I didn't have.

For me any life changing experience happens gradually and the effects are normally noted quite a while after the experience that generated them.

I also found it odd that when I said that the UK is just as nice as my admittedly small experience of America, the Americans said 'great' and the British thought I was nuts.  Which shows you what a downer many people have on what is a truly magnificent country with similar problems to most developed countries in the world.

I understand from Nicky that, like the UK, each area is different.  In Sedona I found that the food didn't appear in buckets, meal sizes were normal.  They don't seem to eat vegetables in the same way we do and I had to have a Mexican meal and send 2/3rds of it back to get any real vegetables during the trip.  The Airport Mesa was, for me, the best restaurant we went to and I understand why Nicky raved about it on her first trip.

I enjoyed the scenery in Sedona, your first sight gives you the kind of 'wow' moment that you never forget.  The shopping was interesting as there was a lot of Native American produce, but the shops were as repetitive as anything in the UK, with a few exceptions.

The vortices were incredible but if you're not into earth energy they do take some getting used to...they WILL ground you LOL.

The shape of the rocks are fascinating and you can give them your own names if you can't remember the real ones, Nicky called oen the pregnant lady and I also named a rock but it's best not mentioned here, although it was close to Nicky's expectant mum!

A few people have mentioned that they expected me to be more changed, which is odd when you consider I've done a lot of work on myself over the years and I would hope that changes would at long last be more subtle than they were.

So what's this blog about?  It's about not allowing the expectations of others to weigh you down and not feeling that you've failed because other people expected more.  It's also about allowing yourself to absorb your changes in your own good time, and not feeling bad if a treatment, a therapy or an experience fails to change you.  It just wasn't your experience and you didn't let the 'provider' down by not being changed.

Did I change in Sedona?  Oh yes.  I've done Reiki III now which was wonderful.  I learned to sit on a rock and just relax.  I realised that we don't have to have major earth-shifting changes at times that other people have designated 'times to change dramatically' and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you're enjoying the here and now.

I've come home with clarity in my mind that will solve two of my major issues in life, which gives me a real feeling that I'm moving forward and will no longer be stuck in the same rut I've been in for over 4 years.  I also understand that I can do the same thing I've been trying to do for all that time in a completely different way, something I may not have seen if I hadn't gone over 8000 miles from home.

I found that in a positive place I noticed negativity far more, especially on facebook, and it was negativity that other people might not even realise was negative.  This led to a far deeper lesson about people being who they need to be.  We all understand that at a top level but there is a deeper issue going on that needs addressing and I'm working with this in my book and through the Do Something! Tour with Nicky.

More about that later...

It was such a valuable experience going there and I will look back on it always with great affection, after all, I had a holiday!!!!  As Mike Dooley would say...

Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!  Sound of cheers and clapping!

And thanks to Nicky for suggesting I went, Tony for caring for the cats so I didn't worry (even taking into consideration the mangled toy and missing 8" of elastic!) and Jayne for trying to maintain some kind of order even if the milk got donated to the hall we use for my meetings!

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, recognition of who you are, and change at your own pace


Monday, 14 November 2011

Sedona Three

Well the week has gone like greased lightening and it's really difficult to take the whole experience in.

Sedona is an amazing town surrounded by sparkling red, black and cream rocks.  The first few days were brilliantly sunny and absolutely freezing, then we had two pleasantly warm days followed by a day of rain.  What stunned me was walking out of our hotel to see nothing but mist but knowing that out there somewhere were huge rocks that had completely disappeared.  The romantic in me imagined that they had gone walkabout while they had the opportunity.

We visited all four vortices in the area:  Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and the hyper popular Airport Rock.

I found Boynton Canyon to be a very gentle experience, Bell Rock knocked me over backwards and I wasn't happy there (in fact I still shudder thinking about it), the one I really wanted to visit (Airport Rock) had a similar effect although I did stand where James Redfield (The Celestine Author) stood and saw the view described in his latest book, but I didn't calm down until we drove away.  The best for me was Cathedral Rock - which we visited twice.

We first visited on 11/11/11 and sat quietly and meditated at 11:11, then we went for a walk and picked a spot for my Reiki 3 Attunement.  So I was attuned sitting on a rock next to Oak Creek at Cathedral Rock on 11/11/11.  It was an awesome experience and just as Nicky was attuning me a round of cheering and applause broke out.  If you follow Mike Dooley of www.tut.com he would tell you that applause, cheering and "woohooing" should always accompany a really special event and is a necessary celebration to accept and acknowledge abundance - so I had my applause, cheering and woohooing!

We visited Cathedral Rock again today from the other side.  Staring with a hilarious drive along a road that turned into a trail with regular signs saying "do not enter if flooded".  When we got to the end of the trail we were miles from the rock.  So we drove back up the I179 to the Back O Beyond and turned there.  Although there was no signpost to the rock we guessed from our map that this road might actually lead to Cathedral Rock (not because we're women and can't read a map but because there were extra roundabouts on the map with non-existent roads leading from them).

The rock was at the end of that road and we climbed up to Courthouse Butte at the bottom of the rock, and then a little way up the rock.  We were considering going to the top (big lie) but we didn't have crampons and grappling hooks nor were we feeling particularly insane.  However, the next time we visit Sedona Tony is coming with us and he has two no-longer slim women to drag up to the places we couldn't get without a burly hairy-chested body builder on hand (guess who's getting a gym membership for Christmas!).

We stopped and did a quick meditation before skidding back down in a slightly frantic way, avoiding the mountain bikers wherever possible.  Actually, Nicky laid flat on her back on a freezing cold rock in the middle of a medicine wheel that someone had built, but I showed admirable common-sense and care for my clothing by remaining upright and in control at all times.

During this trip we've seen ravens (one of which struck up a considerable conversation with Nicky this morning), bluebirds, rabbits, chipmunks, buzzards, eagles (well one of us did and it wasn't me), and birds we don't recognise.  My first exciting sighting was of a sparrow.  I travel 8000 miles and the first bird I see I could have seen in my back garden (being chased by a cat!).

We've shopped Sedona until Nicky dropped (I have far more shopping experience), and we've met Native Americans and seen the amazing and beautiful products they make.  We've seen scenery so beautiful it will live in our hearts forever and defy description, and we've shared an experience that I couldn't put into words. When Nicky first visited Sedona she came back and failed to describe it, just shaking her head and saying "I can't tell you".  Nor can I, you have to come here yourself.

We've eaten moderately (huh!), had minimal ice cream (fairly true), very little chocolate (actually true), imbibed almost no alcohol (amazingly true but then I'm a very good influence), made a few connections over here who will try to help us set up a course in Sedona, and climbed a mountain of pancakes.

Nicky has driven on the wrong side of the road which is the right thing to do, without confusion providing I remembered to say 'turn left right' or 'turn right left' in the right order.  She's had almost no telephone calls this week which is very rare, and I've been inundated which is also rare but s*d's law as they say.

This is my first trip to the USA and I'm extremely impressed by the scale and grandeur of what I saw, however, the UK press often seem to find Britain wanting when compared to other countries and I'm happy to say that's unfair.  Our food isn't as plentiful as in America but it's good, it's varied and we eat vegetables! Our shopping is just as good, our people are just as nice, our roads don't match up but at least we drive on the right side (LOL).

All in all I'm proud of my own country and completely in love with America and the American people, and that's just perfect.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and the ability to come to America - particularly Sedona - as soon as possible (if you want to)

Deb xx

Friday, 11 November 2011

Sedona Two

Well I'm back again, posting into the ether hoping that someone somewhere is reading this.

The trip is going very well.  Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon with a bus driver called Devon.  He commented that he understood he was named after a place in the UK, but all I could think of was Cream Teas.  It took Nicky to sort that one out!  It was 7.30 am though.

After a 3 hour trip up through Flagstaff and across to the Grand Canyon National Park, we were deposited at the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Now we all know it's big, we've seen the photos on TV and it certainly looks big, but for those of you who haven't been there let me share a further insight - it is BIG.  Big on a grand scale, so big you can't take it in with your mind and your eyes.

It's also high, I know this because Nicky and I climbed over the walls to have a little peeky-poo downwards, we did peek and quite frankly we nearly...well we got back over the wall pretty sharpish.

After we'd been driven miles around the canyon, stopping at various vantage points, Devon took us onto the Navaho land which stretches for miles across the Arizona Desert.  It's amazingly unspoilt and gives you the chance to see what this beautiful country must have looked like centuries ago, although apparently one of his clients once commented that it was a pity the Navaho didn't do more with their land.

He also told us that the Hopi people believe that they entered this world through a portal at the mouth of the Little Colorado River, which is the starting point for 220 miles of 10 mile wide Canyon.

We then stopped at a Navaho trading post where most of us did serious financial damage to our bank accounts.

Throughout the day we were stalked by a raven, saw several rainbow prisms in the sky, and Nicky saw an Eagle sitting in a tree.  Because she was the a) the only person who saw this eagle and b) told us, if you want her you will find her walking at the side of the highway.  Only kidding, she had the chocolate in her bag.

There's loads more to tell.  Tomorrow, being tuned to Reiki 3 at the vortex at Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Letter from Sedona

Hi everyone

This is more of a personal blog for the next few days to keep my friends up-to-date with my antics but also, having felt the Spirituality of Sedona, to update you on the amazing learning I'm sure will be happening whilst Nicky and I are over here.

So, we started off crammed into BA's cattle class for 11 straight hours in a seat barely big enough for a small person with no legroom.  However, the flight attendants were amazing, the service was superb, and I want one of those sleep pod/reclining chair things next time I do long haul!

We arrived at Sky Ranch Lodge last night after 24 hours with no or very little sleep, having had the most amazing night time tour of Sedona on the way from Phoenix airport.  What should have taken 2 hours took over 3 but we met some lovely people and now know that we need much, much more time here if we're really to get the full experience.

Today we're having breakfast at the airport - which is amazing apparently - then we're going to find out about a hire car and then get ourselves into town and have a mooch.  We don't want to do too much because tomorrow is the Grand Canyon!

On a Spiritual note I'm being a typical Gemini at the moment, on the one hand I've left the house in good hands and everything is being well looked after, the cats have company etc., but I want to come home now!

On the other hand I'll be off for the quickest shower in recorded history shortly (cleanliness may be next to Godliness but it doesn't have to take all day!), glam myself up and then I'm off to party round Sedona and the amazing red rocks - those guys are BIG!  I want a coffee at the coffee pot restaurant which used to be owned by Jayne Russell the Hollywood starlet.  Then we have an amazing amount of checking out the MBS and artists' places in Sedona and keeping the US Mail in business by sending home a few dozen parcels.  Thus turning up on our doorsteps in far too few days time smiling innocently saying "I barely bought a THING and they must have misrouted Deb/Nicky's parcels to our house...but we might as well keep them!"

Seriously, we don't want to overdo it today but there will be videos for you all around the area and there will be much walking in this amazing...outdoors.  I don't think it's called the outback or bush over here, and you definitely can't call it countryside.  It's far too grand and definitely doesn't have the gentle rolling hills of England.  Pictures will be appearing on my page tomorrow.

Take care all

Send thoughts to Tony, the cats are sulking at him!

Lots of love

Deb xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011


It's a long time since I've blogged.  To be honest I've been going through a bit of a dry spell writing-wise and haven't felt that I've had much to say.

It's been worrying me of course, not only am I a writer but I'm also quite chatty - a handy talent for an inspirational speaker and writer of course - but I just haven't felt like chatting.

I've been avoiding the phone, keeping my social networking to a minimum, and basically spending time with friends and resting.

I was wondering what was wrong, but today I had another of my energetic breakthrough points and I realised that nothing has been wrong.  I've merely been in a phase of changing energy and further learning.

I feel better for it.  I'm sleeping better.  I'm more relaxed.

So the moral of this very short story is that nothing has been wrong, sometimes we just need to shut up in order to hear.

In other words, if you're struggling to hear your Guides or to know what the next step in your path should be, allow yourself to go quiet, spend time with friends, get some sleep and your over-tired mind will have the time, space and peace to hear.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Monday, 8 August 2011

The Person That Time Forgot

Dear All

A happy Monday to you.

I've been struggling with something for some time that comes up over and over again not just in the Spiritual field but in all aspects of life and that is - where do you put your loyalties.

Now when it comes to family and friends that is, or should be, obvious.  When it comes to work it isn't so obvious and particularly if you work for yourself but with friends.

I've been struggling with this for a long time because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I came into this life with a mission that has been making itself gradually more clear as I move through life.  The only way I can describe it is that this mission is sacred to me, and my mission statement is simple:

I want to help people to feel better and be happier
(and maybe have a tiny shot at world peace!)

There are lots of side issues around that but that's what it all boils down to.  I have to work out how I can reach as many people as possible in order to do what I can, however much or little that may be.

I have found though, especially in the Spiritual field, that there are extremely high expectations that every Spiritual worker will be a vision of perfection who never contravenes one single rule laid down by someone else.

The problem is that there are a million individual someones who all have different rules based on their own individual needs and desires, and if you genuinely wouldn't hurt a soul (as I wouldn't), and you genuinely love people especially your friends (as I do) trying to balance all those needs and desires can give you a very real headache.  It can also compromise your work.

As many of those who know me will be aware I have a Spirit Guide called Amos.  He is real to me.  He is also the most wonderfully loving, wise and humble being I have ever met (actually all my Guides past and present are like him but he's the boss).  Working with him blows my mind every single day and leaves me sitting there saying "what on earth did I ever do to deserve his/their help and support" at least three times a week.

Today I was working through this problem with my husband and sounding board (lucky man) when suddenly I reached the answer to the dilemma I've been facing for so many years. This, as always, was followed by a cosmic sigh of relief and the "at last" feeling that I've received from Amos on a fairly regular basis, not quite as often as 3 times a week though thank goodness LOL.

I realised this.  I have only one loyalty and that's my work.  I have only one boss and that's my Guide, currently Amos.

This doesn't mean I'm going to rush around making agreements with people and breaking them when it suits me, because that wouldn't reflect my work at all in any way shape or form and is therefore unacceptable.

It also doesn't mean that I abdicate all responsibility for my actions to Amos, I most certainly do not.  What it does mean is that whoever I work with now or in the future has to know that I am working out my own life path and not that of someone else.

Please note too that it does NOT mean I'm going to become suddenly perfect, if you're asking that of me you're asking too much.  I haven't achieved angelic status here, just a bit of clarity!

What it also means is that it has to be crystal clear that my work comes first and that's how I need to proceed.  The good of the work for the good of people, animals and the planet has to be my guiding light, in the sincere hope that I can inspire or help them as others have inspired and helped me.  I come from the Marianne Williamson school - we came here with a light to shine and hiding that light does not serve the world and I am here to serve it.

I am Deb Dancing Star Hawken and my job is to reach as many people as I can and share whatever inspiration I can in the hope that it will help them somehow.  I also would like to work on world peace.

I cannot tell you how much helping others is my very reason for being.  You might think that as a writer I should be able to put it into words but for me some things go so deep there are no words and my work and the welfare of others are two of those things.

Yes the welfare of my family, friends and animals will always be of the utmost importance to me and losing anyone of them is a regret and sadness I always carry with me, it's part of what creates my compassion, but I can't let anything or anyone compromise why I am here because my why is quite simply my life.

I hope that for others of you out there who have struggled with the same issues these ideas will help you to reach clarity, especially when other people put you in the position that you're going to let someone down.  I've been put in a 'damned if I do and damned if I don't situation' by other peoples' fears and actions 6 times in the last 8 months where I know I risk becoming hugely unpopular with someone if I want to be hugely popular with someone else.  Or even if I just want to do my work.

You see, I have a dream and it's this.  One day, 50 years or so after I'm on the other side, someone will turn to someone in trouble and say something like "you know, my grandmother once told me something that changed my life, she couldn't remember who said it or where she heard but it's this '.....' I hope it will help you too."  They might even have read it in one of my books, who knows, but they won't know who Deb Hawken was because she'll be me again; the Spiritual me.

If I don't do my work only for the sake of the love I have for people, animals and the planet, then how can I ever become the person that time forgot?

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and Spiritual clarity in all that you do.

Deb xx

Monday, 25 July 2011

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: BBC Outrage

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: BBC Outrage: "I've been watching the debate about the way the BBC treated Mediumship recently and although I haven't seen the programme I don't have a pro..."

BBC Outrage

I've been watching the debate about the way the BBC treated Mediumship recently and although I haven't seen the programme I don't have a problem with their methodology.  They bought two Mediums into the discussion, ok it was by video link but that's always been an acceptable way of people appearing on news programmes etcetera.  So they gave us a chance to speak.

I'm sure that people didn't agree with us and equally sure that harsh and rude words were said.  The usual stuff about taking advantage of the weak for money probably cropped up. It really doesn't bother me.


Because I'm sure and certain of who I am and the abilities I have and I would never take advantage of anyone for money. I trust me and they don't know me, and I am comforted by the process of that logic.

Although I don't like rudeness and would prefer cynics to be polite in their condemnation of us, I can handle that condemnation because they have a right to their opinions.  If a cynic was politely dismissive I can take it.  I think it's the rudeness and suggestions that we should be shot at dawn etcetera that are unacceptable.

You see even though I know that I would never take advantage of a person for money and I know that my friends in the field wouldn't either I also accept that there are people out there who do; whose behaviour is so far over the line they can't see the line any more.  We all know that and we all know that we will be unfairly judged by their standards.  I'm sure that decent accountants, doctors and police officers feel exactly the same way.

When it comes to the question of earning money for our work, let's face it, there are Mediums in the field who agree with that statement.  I feel that choosing whether to be a professional working Medium and exercising the right to use your abilities as work is a very personal thing, and we have to accept that those who feel our abilities are a gift will always disagree with us earning money.  Even priests who work directly for God are paid and given a roof over their heads.

I prefer to do this work full time and again I have full confidence that this is a good use of my time that benefits others.  I know that there are people out there who have been greatly helped to both heal their grief and guide their life because I do this for a living.  I am comfortable with my personal decision.  Other people exercise their rights to work for themselves utilising their abilities and I choose to do the same.

We also know that we can't change the mind of any other human being.  If we have the free will to be Mediums then they have the free will not to believe in us.  Moreover, anyone without our life experience will never be able to imagine it in their wildest dreams.

So the message is this, don't be defensive, don't be hurt.  Just get on and do what you do.  Convert those you can save and be gentle with those you can't even if they can't be gentle with you.  Use your energy for the good, don't waste it on a battle that can't be won...yet.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Charlie's Chewsletter - New Group Being Started

Dear Hoomans

It haz been sum time since I've written to you in my own words and worn out my pawses tryping to you on mum's laptop.  However, I iz a bit feds up so I've decided to start a new group it's called CAFFE.

Charlie Against Feline Female Emancipation

Now I don't knows what emancipation is (I got mum to smell it for me) but I do knows that it isn't a good idea - as can be clearly seen from this very telling photograph where I is a victim of emancipation AGAIN.

For those of you unfamiliar with my lifestyle let me just tell you that I live with 4 sisters and my mum.  I also haz a dad but he duz lots of workings and is b*******g off to NZ in September without me and leaving me at their mercies.  PLUS auntie Jayne might have moved in by then too and although she's very nice and calls me beautiful a lot she iz still a female and therefore emancipated and definitely untrustworthy.

I knows that all the mens reading this will completely understand the pawsition in which I finds myself (usually under a woman what haz her claws out and a nasty glint in her eye).  And I will admit to being somewhat of a softie who's growl is rarely backed up by more than a quick snap of the jawz if mum izn't looking.

This is becoz mum a) adopted 4 women and then b) banned all violence from the household!  Now why on earth would she get 3 women before me and 1 after me and then ban violence when it was most needed?

She duz say that I did torment Jo-Jo for the first year of my life and turn her from a sweetie into a warrior queen where I'm concerned (pleeze note that she is a warrior queen and I am "Charlie stop growling NOW") Surely she knowz that any man cowering under a table with his paws over his head is only growling for show and would high-tail it out of there like a rocket on speed if he's given half a chance and the others aren't lurking casually round corners waiting to biff him?

I wishes I could borrow my dad's motorbike (Doris) then I'd show them how quick I could get my butt out of the firing line.  Hell hath no fury like a woman who's bum's been bit - wished I'd knowed that before I bit my first bum.

I'm sure that all you mens sympathise with my plight as you go through the same types of things likes forgetting Valentine's day, wedding anniversaries, her birthday, her (in the car park at Tescos).  A word of advice there, if you drive away without her again come back, park somewhere else and claim that you were in that spot last week, THIS week you've been at the other end of the car park the whole time.

Anyways, if any mens want to joins my group I could modify it to Charlie Against Female Emancipation (I had to drop an F becoz mum wouldn't let me puts in the other F word I wanted to use).

This group will be to raise money to take us all somewhere there are no women but lots of cooks and peeple wot can provide food and the basic necessities of life (water, string, mices, butterflies - which I DO NOT chase).  You hooman mens might want something different but if any of the difference is females I shall drum you out of the group instantly and bites your butts for good measure.  I sure hopes my mouth is big enough!

Anyway, I haz to go now becoz mum needs to put the ices cream that she is NOT eating back in the freezer.  I can also confirm to my aunties Nicky and Belle that she does have copious supplies of chocolate on the premises and on the grounds that I hears her scream when she sees her chocolate in the mirror before she gets dressed she does not need any more!  Those screems are really deafening, I thought WWIII had broken out the other day and it was an air raid siren going off, turns out she'd caught sight of herself in the door of the conservatory.

Anyway, if you are going to bring goodies aunties pleeze gets them from any well known pet store - you'd be doing mum a favour providing whatever you buys haz no legz and iz NOT female! In which case you would find that my bite IZ worser than my growl.

I will sign off now.  Pleeze send all donashuns (please note that duz not read NOT dalmations especially NOT female onez) to my dad who is collecting the monies for me and NOT spending it on the trip to NZ whilst he abandonz me to all them wimmins.  I think he might be coming with us eventually though on the grounds he's mucked up a good few remembering situations himself.

Mum said to him the other night that wherever his brain cell what duz remembering woz it wozn't in her head.  I've been looking for it for him even since but mum sez no-one's eyesight is THAT good.  I asked him where he last saw it and he said that no-one's memory is that good either.

So...on the grounds that cowardice is the better part of survival

I remain

In my barrel hidden behind a large bush


P.S.  Dad...you reeely reely can't leave me alone with them wimmins...how much will a first class seat for me cost and a) will my groupies mind me spendings my monies on it and b) will you be lonely in economy?
P.P.S.  This Chewsletter was generated by Amie pouncing on me whilst I woz asleep in the sun and bitings my head - auntie Nicky witnessed this via the mobile tepelone and will be glad to be a witness in court for me.
P.P.P.S.  Amie and Jo-Jo had a fight today, they were laying on their sides in the sun batting at each other with one paw!
P.P.P.P.S.  I might be a tell tail but actually it's a magnificent tail and deserves to be told!  So There!
P.P.P.P.P.S.  Dad - if you're going back to Noo Zeeland to find your brain cell don't bother, it will only get you into trouble!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: Training the Dancing Star Way

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: Training the Dancing Star Way: "I've been a Psychic Medium for many years and am now a professional working Psychic Medium. As part of my work I do a lot of teaching at hom..."

Training the Dancing Star Way

I've been a Psychic Medium for many years and am now a professional working Psychic Medium. As part of my work I do a lot of teaching at home and abroad, recently in Sweden and in July I will be teaching in Limerick in Ireland with the SixSense Academy.

I underwent a great deal of training myself to become as professional a worker as possible, and I wholeheartedly believe in training and that good training prepares you not only to do the work to a high standard, but also for the ups and downs common to any career or calling and to help you to cope with the slings and arrows of outraged cynics.

I love inspiring people to free their own abilities and see what kind of Spiritual worker they are, yet when I first began my own training I was surprised that quite a few people coming on the courses didn't want to be Psychic Mediums or other Spiritual workers, in fact they weren't quite sure why they felt drawn to come on the courses in the first place. They went home feeling much better about life, themselves and their place in the universe but it was still a conundrum that required solving.

In fact it caused me one or two furrowed brows I can tell you, and obviously those weren't good for my on-going youthful good looks so I had to get to the bottom of this puzzle.

When I began offering training myself I started by asking the students why they thought they were on the course but to be honest "I don't really know" wasn't a particularly helpful answer. Then I turned to my Guide Amos, who obviously gave me a few pointers but said 'just see how your work develops'. Onset of another furrowed brow moment!

So knowing that he is eternally wise I just went with my work. At first I kept up with the classical style of training but gradually I realised that other things were important not just to me but to the overall personal development that is key to creating a truly good Spiritual worker. Wherever that person chooses to work.

I also realised that people were receiving the training of how to read cards or ribbons, screwed up paper (yes it's possible) or someone's jewellery, photographs or sealed envelopes; they were learning to channel the Spirit World and giving good messages with verifiable evidence; yet there was something missing.

It took me time developing myself as a tutor and a person - which is of course the best way, learn by experience and then teach by example - before I realised the two keys that had been missing.

Firstly, not everyone wants or needs to be a Psychic, Medium or healer but they do have a calling to Spirituality not the Spiritual field, and that calling is about how they live their life and the changes they make in order to be happier and more fulfilled, and generally a more positive person to be around. This is important because most people will learn by example and the Spiritual example is not and should not be exclusive to the Spiritual field.

This brings me onto the second key, which is that whether you want to be a Spiritual worker or not the skills and abilities you develop by doing the training can affect every corner of your life in a positive way. You can use them to improve your communication skills and the way you interact with others by developing your ability to understand others at a deeper level. To be in touch with your own truth and make successful decisions. When communication improves and self-honesty sets in you are far more likely to see a happy life being lived that you want to emulate.

You can use your Mediumistic skills to develop a strong contact with your Guides who can support you in walking your own Spiritual pathway, because sometimes we need more life experience and real-world opportunities in order to develop our own unique knowledge base before we begin working in the Spiritual field.

Those talents may not lead a person into becoming an obvious Spiritual worker, but it doesn't mean that at heart they're not. People aren't always ready to be offered Spiritual thinking, but it doesn't mean that they don't need to be shown a more subtle approach to everyday living.

The other thing I now know is that I didn't become a qualified Life Coach by accident or mistake, I did it because walking your talk is extremely important if you're going to act as a beacon of light and hope for others. After all, who wants to emulate an unsuccessful unhappy person?

My Coaching skills and the element of counselling I studied help me to translate the recognition that students are struggling from the Psychic 'knowing' into real life action. Those very practical skills also help me to teach students so much more than how to deliver a good message, I can show them how to develop happiness and strength in their own life rather than just concentrate on others and end up exhausted themselves.  So many Spiritual workers forget that they exist because they give too much energy to the needs of their clients (and any stranger they bump into at the supermarket, a party, at work, etc.). 

So as you can see, the training I offer goes far deeper than becoming a Spiritual worker, it includes every area of your life.
I hope that through my training I can create trust in yourself, put a smile on your face, help you to become fulfilled and happy in every area of your life, and maybe - just maybe - give birth to a few good Spiritual workers.

All that and no stretch marks or consternation wrinkles!

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and laughter lines


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: The Ambulance Service Effect

Deb Hawken - Dancing Star: The Ambulance Service Effect: "I seem to be on a theme this week of getting positives out of negatives, although I did once win a small but very precious prize for that gi..."

The Ambulance Service Effect

I seem to be on a theme this week of getting positives out of negatives, although I did once win a small but very precious prize for that given to me by a wonderful Medium called Sharon Harvey.


As you know everything I 'preach' I have practised.  I have also been singularly daft because I've learned all my lessons the hard way when the easy way would have been so much more pleasant - and the hard way probably wore out one Guide!  I'm only kidding of course, but strangely I got a much more determined chap in his place LOL.

When I was 16 I was sent to work against my will in a job chosen for me by my parents, and landed up working in London taking inland telegrams.  I was far too young for shift work that left me sitting alone on the platform at Blackfriars Station in London on cold dark nights waiting for the train home.  Fortunately the platform staff were incredibly kind and one usually sat with me or kept an eye on me, and then made sure that I got into a populated carriage.

Because I couldn't cope with the evening and weekend work and no social life whatsoever I landed up leaving, and my father decided to get me an interview in the local ambulance headquarters.  I duly went for the interview with the instruction not to embarrass him by failing to get the job.  I got it.

I know that this sounds utterly feeble, twice being told what job to go and get by your parents, but actually I was feeble in those days.  I was also 16.  It was also the early 1970s and in our echelon of society you did not rebel.  I knew that to rebel would result in my being politely asked to find myself a flat.

So I got the job and I will never, ever forget the awful feeling I had the first day I walked into the place.  The nearest I can describe it was that it felt like life ending.  To this day it was the most unkind and bitchy place that I ever worked and that's saying something in nearly 40 years.

The people there had decided that I only got the job because of my father and they were going to show me that I couldn't expect any favours, and I was told this within 1/2 an hour of walking through the door.  My father was a very junior officer by the way, not THE boss!

They certainly didn't deliver any favours but they didn't deliver any kindness either.  The strange thing was that due to my post office training I was actually over qualified for the role.  I told my mother how horrible it all was and she told me that I had to beat this, therefore I had to stay there until I got on with everyone.  So I did.

I also got caught in the 1970s recession which meant that there weren't any jobs to move into, and the work we did was so specialised that when I did go for another job no one interviewing me understood what I did for a living.

I wasn't the only one badly treated, all the younger girls got a version of what I got.  For example walking in on a bloated day to have someone call out "look at the size of your stomach - are you pregnant?"

Then I started on the Spiritual pathway by being taught to change my thinking and the way I reacted to things.  Gradually things began to change and I found that I became the person who did all the collections, knew when someone was ill and got the cards, and generally started to take care of the place.

As I changed spiritually so did things around me.  I became more popular with the staff there and I found it easier to have conversations with them.  I laughed off the rudeness until there was no point in being rude any more.  I cheeked one of the senior officers until he threatened to report me and then told him that perhaps I had no respect for him because of the constant innuendo he subjected me to.  That sorted out that problem once and for all.  Oddly we became great friends.

Eventually I can honestly tell you that those people became some of my greatest friends and I remember almost every one of them with a great deal of affection and respect.  This would never have happened if I had remained the person I was brought up to be, because it was the spirituality in me that made it ok for them to like me and vice versa.

There were two absolutely incandescent moments during those years.  The first was about a man that I will call Poppa Dee (we used the phonetic alphabet and that was his call sign).  To say we hated each other with a passion when I first joined the job would be the understatement of the millennium.  I couldn't do a thing right and he scared me witless (I'm being polite here).

Then something happened to him and he went from angry and unpleasant to vulnerable and frightened in a way that was truly heartbreaking.  He realised then that a lot of the problems I had suffered with when I joined had been about a similar vulnerability and fear and we started talking.  A few months later he said something to me along the lines of "I couldn't stand you when you first joined the job but I have to say you've grown into one of the nicest people I have ever known.  You've really grown up well."  I still hold that comment very dear to my heart and my respect for him went through the roof when he said it.

Sadly he died a few months later for reasons none of us understood and actually of nothing, they literally couldn't put anything on his death certificate.  We always felt that he died of a broken heart.  His illness and subsequent passing brought the office team together in a way you would have had to see to believe, the kindness and gentleness emanating from the entire group was awesome and unforgettable.

I'm not putting this down to my spiritual rebirth, far from it, I think the emotional crash of one so close to us really taught us all something important and I know that through him we learnt to value each other far more highly and he taught us something very special with his passing.

The second wonderful thing was the day I left and the love that was shown to me.  I still have the gift they gave me and I would never part with it - tatty though it's getting it stays as a memory of those people, the changes we all made, the darling cat who liked to sleep in it, and my great good fortune in discovering the spiritual path and the special man who put my feet so firmly on it.

All in all a very good memory of spiritual growth and the ability to become an entirely different person.  Something I hope continues to this day and will never stop.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and wonderful memories dragged out of the garbage of the past


Monday, 18 April 2011

The Battle Between Light and Dark

If you read yesterday's blog about the Archangel Metatron you will remember that darkness and light have been mentioned once again.

As I've travelled my Spiritual journey I've met many people who have discussed this issue, and a few who have used the word 'darkness' as a way to try to undermine very ordinary human beings.

No one could live in this world without realising that there is darkness in humanity, but let's be sensible here, there are very few human beings walking this planet who truly have darkness inside them, and who are we to judge who those people might be?

You could say that anger is darkness, or is it just anger?  Are envy and jealousy darkness or emotions generated by fear of not being good enough or fear of success?

You could say that serial killers have darkness in them, or are they damaged in some way and it isn't darkness it is something that went wrong at birth?  If you watch programmes about serial killers you will see that there is something missing in them, and we all know how cold their eyes are when you see the police mugshots taken on arrest.  Are they evil or do they need fixing?

You could ask why people such as Hitler were created, and yet there is a theory that Hitler had a medical condition that affected his state of mind.  So was he darkness or was he insane?

Stalin is another example, he did some truly awful things yet no one who has studied history would ever describe Josef Stalin as sane.

I'm not trying to tell you that the actions of any of the people mentioned above are excusable, they are not.  However, when you compare them to ordinary people walking the street are we really talking about the same thing?

If a person is damaged by their childhood and/or adult life and they don't act honourably is that really darkness?  If a person isn't 100% perfect is that darkness or humanity?  At what level do you judge whether a person is human or has darkness within them?  And who are you to judge?

I honestly believe that it's about time we stopped throwing the word 'darkness' around like a weapon and instead talked about acceptable behaviour.  The darkness that most people say they see in others is formed by the base emotions of jealousy and envy, with a good dash of fear to complete the mix.  It's just people acting out fear and lack of self worth.

On the other hand psychologists do say that which annoys us most about others is where they are most like ourselves.  So before anyone accuses anyone of having darkness within them they should stop and ask why that person is annoying them and why they want to see them as a lesser person.

It's possible that to accuse other people of bad behaviour is to want to take them down a peg or two, perhaps because there is a resentment of who they are, and they've probably worked very hard to become who they are.  

So don't focus on whether others are good people or not.  Don't judge anyone, or at the very least wait until you know them very well before coming to a conclusion.  If you're walking the Spiritual pathway ask yourself if you should even be thinking in those terms, or whether words such as kindness and compassion should guide your path.  After all, if you're Spiritual you should rely on your Guides to protect you in which case you have no need to fear.

It is better by far to concentrate on your own life and your own 'becoming' rather than focus on others.  In doing that it is possible to be so focussed on their lessons that you miss your own.  Doing that will only hurt and hold back one person - you.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights (and light within and without)


Sunday, 17 April 2011

How the Archangel Metatron got into Trouble Over Me!

This is my thoughtful photograph because this blog has taken a lot of thought and consideration.

A while ago and at a place never to be named I did a Demonstration of Mediumship with another Medium.  It wasn't a good day for me and something inside me snapped and said "stop", so I handed over to the other very generous person working with me and decided to go into the moment with the intention of standing back up again shortly.

Apparently from that moment on I wasn't in the room for at least 20 minutes.  The other Medium called me, a friend called me, and they apparently concluded that wherever I was it wasn't "here".  When I finally came back - with no awareness that I'd done anything but watch the other Medium the entire time - I channelled the Archangel Metatron.

This came as somewhat of a shock as I don't work with the Angels.  I have an Angelic Healing Guide but when I asked if he was an Angel he said that he was "from the Angelic Realm and here to provide clean energy".  Apart from that I only had the same knowledge anyone else has who has read the Bible and some of the Koran.

I actually had to ask the audience if anyone knew about him, and got a couple of vague answers.  So I passed the message he gave about why living in the now is very important; then thanked the other Medium who helped me out profusely and that was that!

Strangely I'd bought the Angel Bible by Hazel Raven a few days before with the intention of learning something about Angel work as I'm starting to work with Chrissie Astell.  So when I got home I dug the book out and looked up Metatron.  He looked pretty impressive to say the least!

However (there's always a however isn't there), the next day I was loitering near a crystal stall at this un-named and never to be mentioned place when a group of people came up to me.  One lady asked if I was Deb Hawken and said that she'd heard I was "a pretty good Medium".  Before I could take a breath one of the crystal sellers said "you wouldn't think that if you'd seen her yesterday".

I must admit that I burst out laughing and said something along the lines of "that definitely wasn't one of my better days", and oddly didn't feel offended at all.  Then this same person said "And I didn't feel comfortable with you channelling Metatron yesterday because he's one of the dark Angels, he's attracted to darkness in you and brings it out."

Well I was a bit shocked but not wanting to be rude in front of a crowd of people, nor being sure of my ground at that time I asked my Guide Amos for help.  He just said "Metatron could only bring out darkness if darkness was there, and there is no darkness in Debra."

The person behind the stall was then gently encouraged to move away from me and help someone else with a purchase and I walked off a bit baffled, not just because this person I barely knew had tried to damage the reputation of someone they barely knew, but also because my research of Metatron thus far didn't lead to those conclusions.  However, you always have to listen to what people say and engage in extensive research before you can make a comment.

So first I put Metatron into a famous search engine and everything that came up was good.  Then I put "Metatron dark Angel" in and that turned up nothing.  I then turned to my new book and read up as much as I could about Metatron...here's a precis:

Basically he's the most senior of the Seraphims and the only Angel allowed to look directly at the face of God.  He led the children of Israel to safety out of Egypt.  He and Seraphiel were both once human (Enoch and Elijah respectively) and considered by God to be so spiritual that He lifted them from the earth without having to pass through death and turned them into the two ruling Archangels.  His name means "throne sharer" or "lesser God".  He constitutes pure spirit.  He activates the Soul Star Chakra (above your head not at the crown) and then key information is downloaded into your other Chakras in order to initiate the process of light body activation.  I could go on.

As you can see, he's one of the good guys and there is nothing dark attached to his name, quite the opposite.  He embodies the purity to which we all aspire.

I followed my research so far up with a call to Chrissie Astell.  I wanted to speak to Chrissie because part of her degree covers Angelogy and I wanted to talk to someone that I knew had studied the Angel folk-law and history in depth.  Chrissie confirmed and expanded on my research.

So what was going on here?  What did I learn from this experience?

You might think I'm going to go into a rant about being attacked over Metatron and my work, but I'm not.  My Mediumship has to stand up to scrutiny on each separate occasion I work and I don't let my ego get in the way of my work.  I go out each time as a fresh Medium having a fresh experience, review each demonstration, take the lessons from it and move on.

So what did I learn?  I learned that for the first time in my life I didn't feel insulted, I didn't walk away muttering "I wish I'd said that...done that...told them that...defended myself more...smacked them!"  I walked away quite happy with who I was and totally trusting myself and the other side.

It has always been my belief that the darkness on the other side that human beings perceive doesn't exist, it comes under the heading of "nothing can be that good so I have to look for darkness because I can't trust the light."  I felt that the experience bore that out, because all Metatron did was come through and deliver a very simple but beautiful message to the people in the room - and to me.

I also know that if I see my accuser again it will be fine, I won't need to leap around screaming "How DARE you do that to me!!!!" and other such things because I stepped out of another person's issues and didn't let them affect me.

Most importantly I had a little experience of something I need to know - that the more well known I get the more people I will find who don't automatically adore me.  I can handle that because I don't automatically adore me either.  However, the other side are very good at giving me small tests in safe environments so that I learn to cope with different things, and that was one of them.

I thank Amos for his support, Metatron for his message, the lovely Medium who supported me through that tricky day, and the other side for a taster experience to help me learn to deal with such things.

I also ask you, the reader, to look below the obvious at all times and see the real message, because since that day some amazing things have happened to me that I might have missed if I'd wasted time fuming!

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Monday, 28 March 2011

Journey to Gavle

The journey to Gavle (pronounced Yarvler) in Sweden started 28 years ago when I was 15 years old.  I was walking down the street on a beautiful spring day feeling fantastic, the weather was beautiful, and all was right with the world; then I took another step.

In that moment I went from a happy, carefree teenager to a terrified one, and I can't tell you why.

For the next 28 years I struggled against acute anxiety, doing things that really scared me and getting through them but never comfortably and certainly never easily.  I'm proud of myself that I never gave in, but that pride didn't negate the struggle I lived through every day, beginning when I woke up in the morning.

I used to say that I was grateful if I managed to stay sane until I went to bed, because I spent so much time in fear of losing my mind.

I had a list of things that scared me that was long and completely unreasonable, and for someone who found it difficult to leave their own home flying was pretty near the top of that list.

Even so I managed to go to New Zealand with my husband and meet his family in 1993 but I haven't flown since, until this weekend.

As many of you will know I am a working Psychic Medium, writer and inspirational speaker, and I work very closely with my Spirit Guide Amos.  You will also know that I have never pretended to be more than human and I have always made it clear that I empathise because I have struggled too.

A few months ago, through a friend, I was invited to go and work in Sweden and I said yes.  I still felt scared but I also knew that it was time that this fear went.  I waited for the panic to appear and it didn't, however I was concerned that it would.

Then Amos asked me why I "made up stories".  I discovered that he was referring to the fact that unreasonable fear causes us to make up scenarios in our minds that aren't true.  They are based purely in a fear-induced over-active imagination.

As is my way when I am provided with wisdom of that kind I listened and I began to consciously work with this idea.  When the day came to get on the aeroplane I waited for the fear and it didn't come.  I did have a small wobble every so often but I walked on to the plane confidently and happily.

I had made up my mind that I would watch the cabin crew and if they remained relaxed then I would too.  So when there was a little bump or rattle, or the alarming sound that turned out to be the wheels retracting into the fuselage, I checked the cabin crew and the faces of more seasoned travellers and if they looked comfortable I chose to allow myself to feel the same way.

I flew into Sweden's Arlanda airport with my nose buried in a book, barely raising my head when we had what my seasoned traveller of a husband called an interesting landing.  I spent the weekend in Gavle enjoying every second of my time without once considering the flight home. And I danced onto the return flight with a new book and no concerns whatsoever.

My journey to Gavle led me not only to meet wonderful people, but also to spend time in a country I have discovered that I can completely relax in.  What it is about the energy of the country and its people I do not know, what I do know is that all the niggles that prey on my mind when I'm at home ceased to exist and I am filled with gratitude for that.

It might have taken me many years hard work and a constant and complete determination never to give in to that fear that was often exhausting but necessary in order for me to overcome it, but it was worth it to get on that plane and visit a place where I can relax and forget myself.

I will always have Gavle, I will always have the wonderful friend I made over there (Pierre Hasselbrandt) and I hope I will get to know better the many lovely people he introduced me to and who supported my work when I was there.

What I won't have is the fear I've battled for 28 years, and I am more than happy to kiss that goodbye once and for all.

For many people they have a long hard road to hoe when it comes to their inner demons, but I'm proof that if you don't give up and if you work with the ideas that others give you, using them as tools for change, you too can go and find your own Gavle.

If you have an Amos it helps too, and my gratitude in being a guided Spiritual worker knows no bounds.  If you don't have an Amos you have me.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights, knowing that if I can overcome my inner demons so can you.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spirituality and Speech

I don't often use my blog to rant but this has annoyed me.

At a recent demonstration an attendee came up to a friend of mine and told her that she was very upset because she had been told by someone at a mind, body, soul event that the Medium that night wasn't very good.  

It transpired that, being a decent human being, she had decided to go along anyway to judge for herself rather than listen to gossip.

She was very angry for two reasons, firstly because she said it wasn't true but secondly - and most importantly - because she was investigating the Spiritual field in order to add something positive to her life that she felt was missing.

She said to my friend something along the lines of "What's the point in getting involved if even people in this field can be so unpleasant?"  My friend spoke to her and encouraged her to keep coming, but the story really annoyed me because this lady was right to question her continued involvement.

Even though Spiritual Workers are just ordinary people with the same weaknesses and failings as everyone else we still need to understand the responsibility we take on when we choose to assume the mantle of Spiritual Worker.

When people turn to our field for help and inspiration they do so because they need to have faith in something.  They are looking for hope for the future and something more positive and loving than everyday life seems to offer.  What they don't want, need or deserve is the same old same old in the way of fear induced criticism.  Especially when it comes cloaked in the form of Spirituality.

Spiritual workers don't get sprinkled with fairy dust when they commit to working for the Spirit World, they remain very normal human beings who have good days and bad days.  This is wonderful work but it isn't easy work and like anyone a Spiritual worker can have a bad day at work.  Surely we of all people should understand this and not judge each other? 

So to anyone working in the Spiritual field I say this.  Before you decide to comment negatively about another Spiritual worker think about what image you're presenting to the people who seek our help and don't trample their hopes and dreams into the dust of negativity.  

A person who needs this work and our help to support her in managing her everyday life, and perhaps her grief, was nearly lost and that can never be right. If you need to have a whinge do so to someone in the field who is certain of their own beliefs and won't be damaged by your attitude.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Global Focus - Calling All Light-Workers

You may or may not know that I'm married to a New Zealander; as such the recent earthquakes in Christchurch have been very personal to both of us even though we are deeply fortunate that our family is on the North Island.

However, this morning, along with his birthday greetings, my husband received news that Wellington are being threatened that it's their turn soon.

This is obviously very frightening, although Tony's family are not people to dwell on the negative.

As part of this situation and the recent floods in Australia I can't help but notice how many people post and re-post about these events.  How many send emails with yet another video about the chaos and destruction, damaged lives and bereavement.

Obviously this is understandable because there is an emotional need at these times to know that other people care about what's happening and you're not alone, but as a light-worker this attitude really worries me.

We know that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes and negative thinking takes our lives the other way.  Whilst we know that controlling the weather and seismic activity of a planet is a challenge to say the least, do we have the right to focus on the negative on behalf of the people living in these places.  I think not.

I'm not just talking about the Antipodes either, close as they and their people may feel to us.  I'm talking about Pakistan, China, India, Italy, and all the other places that have suffered natural disasters.

As light-workers I feel we need to do two things and do them constantly.  Firstly, send out healing to the planet earth and use positive visualisations to settle the planet down.  Secondly we must send healing to all people affected by natural disasters and with it send our confidence and certainty that they will find the strength and emotional healing to rebuild their lives.  We can also send a good dose of that strength with our healing.

We can set up points of light in these tragedy-ridden areas to help both those still on this side and those who have lost their lives.  The points of light will draw the souls of those who have passed to the Spirit World, and they will also help the people who walk through them to feel healing, love and strength.  We can keep those points of light topped up with positive healing energy to help.

I'm going to ask for help to create one in Christchurch by the Cathedral.  It would be lovely if you would send your healing and support to make sure that the point of light expands to take in the entire city and surrounding areas.  I'm also going to ask for help to send healing to the fault line in the hope that it will somehow grease the edges and make the two plates glide easily past each other.

Many people won't believe as we believe, many won't see that it can help, but we as light-workers must send positive energy to those people, they have all the negativity they need and we cannot in all conscience do anything that will pull them down further.

In one way we are helpless when such awful things happen, but in another we can be the most powerful because of the healing energy we can ask for and send.  Can we help the planet and prevent these disasters?  Who knows because the planet is always in a state of flux, but we should at least try to do something positive and not add to their woes by sending tears and misery.

From now on let's make a pact that when something happens anywhere in the world we will create a point of light and ask the universe to expand it with healing energy to help those living in that area.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Sunday, 20 February 2011


Trust is a funny word isn't it?  We talk about it a lot, we think about it a lot, we blame the lack of trust in others for a multitude of sins and negative events, and yet we misplace it all the time.

You're probably thinking that I'm referring to all the times you've trusted other people only to find that they weren't who they say they are.  Well I'm not, I'm referring to trusting yourself.

If you trust yourself then it doesn't matter what anyone else does or says, you know that you can overcome or deal with whatever the results are of other people's actions.  However, self-trust comes hand-in-hand with choice and responsibility.

Yes I know that three hands is an impossible thing and brings on images of juggling, but actually these three attributes - or choices as I prefer to call them - are perfectly fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can create a new you in no time at all.

If you're always third-partying your life, putting your happiness in the hands of strangers, and generally blaming everyone and everything for all the pits you fall into, then you are giving away the power in your life.

To remain within your own power you must make choices, then take the responsibility for those choices, and lastly trust yourself that whatever anyone else does you will be able to handle it confidently and quickly.

If you can own those three handholds of life then you will discover that you aren't at the mercy of others all the time.  Not only that, you will forge better relationships because you will take two levels of responsibility, firstly for doing your part to be a positive partner in the relationship (be it romance, work, friendship, etcetera), and secondly by knowing that if it doesn't work you will notice and you will know what to do.  More importantly, you will know when to walk away.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


Friday, 4 February 2011

Ego Boost

I know that in Spiritual circles the word ego isn't a pretty one, in fact it's been known to make grown adults spend hours telling you how they don't have an ego and wouldn't know what one was if they saw one.  The trouble is that most people don't know what the ego actually is.

So what is it?  I'm glad you asked!  The word means "I" in Greek, and the ego is something that sits between the Super Ego (our conscience) and the id (the pleasure principal which helps us to get our basic needs met).

The id develops first in our babyhood and it allows us to get the necessary sustenance to survive.  The Super Ego develops as we are taught right from wrong and becomes the parent in our own head.

The ego is the sense of self and also the sense that others have a self, it is the ego part of us that understands that fulfilling only our own needs is selfish.  It is the ego's job to sit between the needs of the id whilst taking reality into consideration - you could say it ensures that we are fed and watered but prevents us from keeping all the food for ourselves.

As you can see, the ego gets a very bad press because it is regularly and wrongly defined as showing off.

Yet how do we define that state of needing to know best about everything that matters if it isn't ego?  You define it as fear.  Anyone who has to spend ages telling you how wonderful they are or how wonderful you aren't is suffering from fear.

Their confidence is threatened because they haven't developed the balanced sense of self that allows others 'to be' and doesn't feel that if one person is good at something that means they cannot also be good at whatever it is.  That's what causes the fear mode of becoming the world expert on everything.

Nowhere will you experience that fear more than in the Spiritual field.  There are so many Spiritual workers out there doubting themselves that, through fear, they land up judging others and finding them wanting.  Perhaps this is because we can't stick a degree or professional qualification under anyone's nose and yell "there, it's official, I do know what I'm doing."

Our lack of officially recognised training isolates us and leaves us in a place where we have to trust ourselves more completely than in any other field of life.  That can be scary because most people in life doubt themselves.

Imagine if you will having to stand up for something so completely, with no backing and no proof, the only thing you have is your own honest and genuine belief.  That's not much of a stick to defend yourself with is it?  Some people just can't deal with it.

I've known many Spiritual workers brought to their knees because of the fear of having an ego.  I've also known many attacked for their work and almost disabled by the unpleasantness of the situation.  If you think about that for a moment you will understand that any Spiritual worker needs their ego (without it you'd have no sensitivity to your clients) and their sense of self.  They also need to be able to judge realistically whether they are or are not doing a good job.

It's utterly ridiculous and serves no useful purpose to going round being over-humble and compromising your ability to do your work just so that no one mentions the word 'ego' in your presence.  Your clients deserve the best and they deserve to know that you know that you can deliver that - realistically.  Remember, the ego is about realism.  I've never heard my Guide tell me he's brilliant or useless, he just gets on with it.

Knowing quietly within yourself that you are confident in what you do is realism, and therefore ego.  Telling everyone, everywhere how much better you are than everyone else who's ever been born and how much more you know is just plain showing off.

So if you're not doing that, if you're not tearing others down in order to bolster yourself up your ego is in perfect working order.

Yet what do you do when your work takes a huge knock?  If you are a true Spiritual worker you pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and start all over again.

If you can't do that then you do have a problem and it's not ego.  It means you're in the Spiritual field for the wrong reasons and you're not working simply for the love of Spirit.

I spoke to someone the other day who, to me, epitomises the term 'Spiritual Worker'.  I'm not going to reveal who that person is but I can tell you that on the scale of hard knocks that person has experienced a real doozy.  Yet they're out there still trying to improve on their work and offer more to the people they meet.  Not only that, they have the courage to acknowledge the hammering they've taken, accept it and move on.

The person is gentle and genuine.  Yet obviously they do have a good sense of who they are and what they can do - goodness knows they've had enough evidence via their own two eyes to know that - and it's that sense of reality (ego) that is keeping them going and driving them to constantly improve .

So, remember that your ego is there to give you the sense of 'I' that you're entitled to have, and also to remind you that other people are 'I's' too.

I do work simply for the love of Spirit (over there and over here),

If you can do all these things, if you can take the knocks and the hard knocks without ever thinking about giving up then you are a Spiritual Worker, and your ego is doing it's job brilliantly, as are you!

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights