Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Global Focus - Calling All Light-Workers

You may or may not know that I'm married to a New Zealander; as such the recent earthquakes in Christchurch have been very personal to both of us even though we are deeply fortunate that our family is on the North Island.

However, this morning, along with his birthday greetings, my husband received news that Wellington are being threatened that it's their turn soon.

This is obviously very frightening, although Tony's family are not people to dwell on the negative.

As part of this situation and the recent floods in Australia I can't help but notice how many people post and re-post about these events.  How many send emails with yet another video about the chaos and destruction, damaged lives and bereavement.

Obviously this is understandable because there is an emotional need at these times to know that other people care about what's happening and you're not alone, but as a light-worker this attitude really worries me.

We know that positive thinking leads to positive outcomes and negative thinking takes our lives the other way.  Whilst we know that controlling the weather and seismic activity of a planet is a challenge to say the least, do we have the right to focus on the negative on behalf of the people living in these places.  I think not.

I'm not just talking about the Antipodes either, close as they and their people may feel to us.  I'm talking about Pakistan, China, India, Italy, and all the other places that have suffered natural disasters.

As light-workers I feel we need to do two things and do them constantly.  Firstly, send out healing to the planet earth and use positive visualisations to settle the planet down.  Secondly we must send healing to all people affected by natural disasters and with it send our confidence and certainty that they will find the strength and emotional healing to rebuild their lives.  We can also send a good dose of that strength with our healing.

We can set up points of light in these tragedy-ridden areas to help both those still on this side and those who have lost their lives.  The points of light will draw the souls of those who have passed to the Spirit World, and they will also help the people who walk through them to feel healing, love and strength.  We can keep those points of light topped up with positive healing energy to help.

I'm going to ask for help to create one in Christchurch by the Cathedral.  It would be lovely if you would send your healing and support to make sure that the point of light expands to take in the entire city and surrounding areas.  I'm also going to ask for help to send healing to the fault line in the hope that it will somehow grease the edges and make the two plates glide easily past each other.

Many people won't believe as we believe, many won't see that it can help, but we as light-workers must send positive energy to those people, they have all the negativity they need and we cannot in all conscience do anything that will pull them down further.

In one way we are helpless when such awful things happen, but in another we can be the most powerful because of the healing energy we can ask for and send.  Can we help the planet and prevent these disasters?  Who knows because the planet is always in a state of flux, but we should at least try to do something positive and not add to their woes by sending tears and misery.

From now on let's make a pact that when something happens anywhere in the world we will create a point of light and ask the universe to expand it with healing energy to help those living in that area.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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