Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Spirituality and Speech

I don't often use my blog to rant but this has annoyed me.

At a recent demonstration an attendee came up to a friend of mine and told her that she was very upset because she had been told by someone at a mind, body, soul event that the Medium that night wasn't very good.  

It transpired that, being a decent human being, she had decided to go along anyway to judge for herself rather than listen to gossip.

She was very angry for two reasons, firstly because she said it wasn't true but secondly - and most importantly - because she was investigating the Spiritual field in order to add something positive to her life that she felt was missing.

She said to my friend something along the lines of "What's the point in getting involved if even people in this field can be so unpleasant?"  My friend spoke to her and encouraged her to keep coming, but the story really annoyed me because this lady was right to question her continued involvement.

Even though Spiritual Workers are just ordinary people with the same weaknesses and failings as everyone else we still need to understand the responsibility we take on when we choose to assume the mantle of Spiritual Worker.

When people turn to our field for help and inspiration they do so because they need to have faith in something.  They are looking for hope for the future and something more positive and loving than everyday life seems to offer.  What they don't want, need or deserve is the same old same old in the way of fear induced criticism.  Especially when it comes cloaked in the form of Spirituality.

Spiritual workers don't get sprinkled with fairy dust when they commit to working for the Spirit World, they remain very normal human beings who have good days and bad days.  This is wonderful work but it isn't easy work and like anyone a Spiritual worker can have a bad day at work.  Surely we of all people should understand this and not judge each other? 

So to anyone working in the Spiritual field I say this.  Before you decide to comment negatively about another Spiritual worker think about what image you're presenting to the people who seek our help and don't trample their hopes and dreams into the dust of negativity.  

A person who needs this work and our help to support her in managing her everyday life, and perhaps her grief, was nearly lost and that can never be right. If you need to have a whinge do so to someone in the field who is certain of their own beliefs and won't be damaged by your attitude.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights



  1. Hi there
    I hear so much of this nowadays, and im not even a trained medium yet, i have many friends on fb who are. what is wrong with these people? Do they really have to be so bitter and twisted there mission must be to ruin things for others.. to make themselves look good. Anyone who critisizes like that should not be allowed to attend any of the meetings. What sort of affect would this have on a new medium ?? it would devastate them, and probably turn them off continuing. So people need to remember exactly what spiritual is, and if you dont have nothing nice to say, dont bother saying it. Keep up the good work Deb, hope to see u one day. from Sharon E.

  2. HI Sharon

    Thank you for such an insightful comment and pointing out another potential area of damage - the confidence of new Mediums. I agree with everything you say.