Sunday, 20 February 2011


Trust is a funny word isn't it?  We talk about it a lot, we think about it a lot, we blame the lack of trust in others for a multitude of sins and negative events, and yet we misplace it all the time.

You're probably thinking that I'm referring to all the times you've trusted other people only to find that they weren't who they say they are.  Well I'm not, I'm referring to trusting yourself.

If you trust yourself then it doesn't matter what anyone else does or says, you know that you can overcome or deal with whatever the results are of other people's actions.  However, self-trust comes hand-in-hand with choice and responsibility.

Yes I know that three hands is an impossible thing and brings on images of juggling, but actually these three attributes - or choices as I prefer to call them - are perfectly fitting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that can create a new you in no time at all.

If you're always third-partying your life, putting your happiness in the hands of strangers, and generally blaming everyone and everything for all the pits you fall into, then you are giving away the power in your life.

To remain within your own power you must make choices, then take the responsibility for those choices, and lastly trust yourself that whatever anyone else does you will be able to handle it confidently and quickly.

If you can own those three handholds of life then you will discover that you aren't at the mercy of others all the time.  Not only that, you will forge better relationships because you will take two levels of responsibility, firstly for doing your part to be a positive partner in the relationship (be it romance, work, friendship, etcetera), and secondly by knowing that if it doesn't work you will notice and you will know what to do.  More importantly, you will know when to walk away.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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