Monday, 18 April 2011

The Battle Between Light and Dark

If you read yesterday's blog about the Archangel Metatron you will remember that darkness and light have been mentioned once again.

As I've travelled my Spiritual journey I've met many people who have discussed this issue, and a few who have used the word 'darkness' as a way to try to undermine very ordinary human beings.

No one could live in this world without realising that there is darkness in humanity, but let's be sensible here, there are very few human beings walking this planet who truly have darkness inside them, and who are we to judge who those people might be?

You could say that anger is darkness, or is it just anger?  Are envy and jealousy darkness or emotions generated by fear of not being good enough or fear of success?

You could say that serial killers have darkness in them, or are they damaged in some way and it isn't darkness it is something that went wrong at birth?  If you watch programmes about serial killers you will see that there is something missing in them, and we all know how cold their eyes are when you see the police mugshots taken on arrest.  Are they evil or do they need fixing?

You could ask why people such as Hitler were created, and yet there is a theory that Hitler had a medical condition that affected his state of mind.  So was he darkness or was he insane?

Stalin is another example, he did some truly awful things yet no one who has studied history would ever describe Josef Stalin as sane.

I'm not trying to tell you that the actions of any of the people mentioned above are excusable, they are not.  However, when you compare them to ordinary people walking the street are we really talking about the same thing?

If a person is damaged by their childhood and/or adult life and they don't act honourably is that really darkness?  If a person isn't 100% perfect is that darkness or humanity?  At what level do you judge whether a person is human or has darkness within them?  And who are you to judge?

I honestly believe that it's about time we stopped throwing the word 'darkness' around like a weapon and instead talked about acceptable behaviour.  The darkness that most people say they see in others is formed by the base emotions of jealousy and envy, with a good dash of fear to complete the mix.  It's just people acting out fear and lack of self worth.

On the other hand psychologists do say that which annoys us most about others is where they are most like ourselves.  So before anyone accuses anyone of having darkness within them they should stop and ask why that person is annoying them and why they want to see them as a lesser person.

It's possible that to accuse other people of bad behaviour is to want to take them down a peg or two, perhaps because there is a resentment of who they are, and they've probably worked very hard to become who they are.  

So don't focus on whether others are good people or not.  Don't judge anyone, or at the very least wait until you know them very well before coming to a conclusion.  If you're walking the Spiritual pathway ask yourself if you should even be thinking in those terms, or whether words such as kindness and compassion should guide your path.  After all, if you're Spiritual you should rely on your Guides to protect you in which case you have no need to fear.

It is better by far to concentrate on your own life and your own 'becoming' rather than focus on others.  In doing that it is possible to be so focussed on their lessons that you miss your own.  Doing that will only hurt and hold back one person - you.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights (and light within and without)



  1. Having read and enjoyed you're blogs I am fascinated by the conclusions you reached, and how you came to them. I love the energy you bring to the pages and hope at some stage we may converse about ideas and thought. Kind regards. Phil

  2. Hi Phil

    Thank you for such a kind comment, I am always happy to discuss thoughts and ideas and share learning with others who have things to teach and inspire me. You can follow me on Facebook on the Deb (Dancing Star) Hawken page, I find FB an easy place to keep up with everyone if that's ok. Best wishes. Deb