Sunday, 17 April 2011

How the Archangel Metatron got into Trouble Over Me!

This is my thoughtful photograph because this blog has taken a lot of thought and consideration.

A while ago and at a place never to be named I did a Demonstration of Mediumship with another Medium.  It wasn't a good day for me and something inside me snapped and said "stop", so I handed over to the other very generous person working with me and decided to go into the moment with the intention of standing back up again shortly.

Apparently from that moment on I wasn't in the room for at least 20 minutes.  The other Medium called me, a friend called me, and they apparently concluded that wherever I was it wasn't "here".  When I finally came back - with no awareness that I'd done anything but watch the other Medium the entire time - I channelled the Archangel Metatron.

This came as somewhat of a shock as I don't work with the Angels.  I have an Angelic Healing Guide but when I asked if he was an Angel he said that he was "from the Angelic Realm and here to provide clean energy".  Apart from that I only had the same knowledge anyone else has who has read the Bible and some of the Koran.

I actually had to ask the audience if anyone knew about him, and got a couple of vague answers.  So I passed the message he gave about why living in the now is very important; then thanked the other Medium who helped me out profusely and that was that!

Strangely I'd bought the Angel Bible by Hazel Raven a few days before with the intention of learning something about Angel work as I'm starting to work with Chrissie Astell.  So when I got home I dug the book out and looked up Metatron.  He looked pretty impressive to say the least!

However (there's always a however isn't there), the next day I was loitering near a crystal stall at this un-named and never to be mentioned place when a group of people came up to me.  One lady asked if I was Deb Hawken and said that she'd heard I was "a pretty good Medium".  Before I could take a breath one of the crystal sellers said "you wouldn't think that if you'd seen her yesterday".

I must admit that I burst out laughing and said something along the lines of "that definitely wasn't one of my better days", and oddly didn't feel offended at all.  Then this same person said "And I didn't feel comfortable with you channelling Metatron yesterday because he's one of the dark Angels, he's attracted to darkness in you and brings it out."

Well I was a bit shocked but not wanting to be rude in front of a crowd of people, nor being sure of my ground at that time I asked my Guide Amos for help.  He just said "Metatron could only bring out darkness if darkness was there, and there is no darkness in Debra."

The person behind the stall was then gently encouraged to move away from me and help someone else with a purchase and I walked off a bit baffled, not just because this person I barely knew had tried to damage the reputation of someone they barely knew, but also because my research of Metatron thus far didn't lead to those conclusions.  However, you always have to listen to what people say and engage in extensive research before you can make a comment.

So first I put Metatron into a famous search engine and everything that came up was good.  Then I put "Metatron dark Angel" in and that turned up nothing.  I then turned to my new book and read up as much as I could about's a precis:

Basically he's the most senior of the Seraphims and the only Angel allowed to look directly at the face of God.  He led the children of Israel to safety out of Egypt.  He and Seraphiel were both once human (Enoch and Elijah respectively) and considered by God to be so spiritual that He lifted them from the earth without having to pass through death and turned them into the two ruling Archangels.  His name means "throne sharer" or "lesser God".  He constitutes pure spirit.  He activates the Soul Star Chakra (above your head not at the crown) and then key information is downloaded into your other Chakras in order to initiate the process of light body activation.  I could go on.

As you can see, he's one of the good guys and there is nothing dark attached to his name, quite the opposite.  He embodies the purity to which we all aspire.

I followed my research so far up with a call to Chrissie Astell.  I wanted to speak to Chrissie because part of her degree covers Angelogy and I wanted to talk to someone that I knew had studied the Angel folk-law and history in depth.  Chrissie confirmed and expanded on my research.

So what was going on here?  What did I learn from this experience?

You might think I'm going to go into a rant about being attacked over Metatron and my work, but I'm not.  My Mediumship has to stand up to scrutiny on each separate occasion I work and I don't let my ego get in the way of my work.  I go out each time as a fresh Medium having a fresh experience, review each demonstration, take the lessons from it and move on.

So what did I learn?  I learned that for the first time in my life I didn't feel insulted, I didn't walk away muttering "I wish I'd said that...done that...told them that...defended myself more...smacked them!"  I walked away quite happy with who I was and totally trusting myself and the other side.

It has always been my belief that the darkness on the other side that human beings perceive doesn't exist, it comes under the heading of "nothing can be that good so I have to look for darkness because I can't trust the light."  I felt that the experience bore that out, because all Metatron did was come through and deliver a very simple but beautiful message to the people in the room - and to me.

I also know that if I see my accuser again it will be fine, I won't need to leap around screaming "How DARE you do that to me!!!!" and other such things because I stepped out of another person's issues and didn't let them affect me.

Most importantly I had a little experience of something I need to know - that the more well known I get the more people I will find who don't automatically adore me.  I can handle that because I don't automatically adore me either.  However, the other side are very good at giving me small tests in safe environments so that I learn to cope with different things, and that was one of them.

I thank Amos for his support, Metatron for his message, the lovely Medium who supported me through that tricky day, and the other side for a taster experience to help me learn to deal with such things.

I also ask you, the reader, to look below the obvious at all times and see the real message, because since that day some amazing things have happened to me that I might have missed if I'd wasted time fuming!

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights



  1. Very profound and moving! I now have goosebumps and a need to read!! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow


  2. As always a deeply thought out yet amusing view of the world - and inspiration to look for the lesson not the blame, thanks Deb!

    Being human we are all very capable of finding dark, it's part of our learning experience. Being negative allows you to find more dark, being positive and striving allows us to look up and see the sunshine!

  3. Thank you 035823e6 etc :-). Yesterday was a lovely day.

    And Mrs M are you saying that if we keep looking up we won't notice the dark? I think you are!

    And of course what we don't put our attention on is severely weakned.