Sunday, 20 November 2011

Sedona - Back Home

Well I'm back here in the UK after an annoying flight from Phoenix.  I'm sorry BA, I want to support my home airline but I'm afraid your economy seats are a joke.  Nicky and I are normal sized adults and we couldn't find anywhere to put our arms during the flight, nor could we stretch out our legs.  I came home cramped up and tired.

That, however, was the only downside to the trip.

What I have found interesting though is the reactions around me to my reaction to Sedona and the holiday.  It's as if people expected more for me from the trip than they think I've got, as if they sent me off with expectations that I didn't have.

For me any life changing experience happens gradually and the effects are normally noted quite a while after the experience that generated them.

I also found it odd that when I said that the UK is just as nice as my admittedly small experience of America, the Americans said 'great' and the British thought I was nuts.  Which shows you what a downer many people have on what is a truly magnificent country with similar problems to most developed countries in the world.

I understand from Nicky that, like the UK, each area is different.  In Sedona I found that the food didn't appear in buckets, meal sizes were normal.  They don't seem to eat vegetables in the same way we do and I had to have a Mexican meal and send 2/3rds of it back to get any real vegetables during the trip.  The Airport Mesa was, for me, the best restaurant we went to and I understand why Nicky raved about it on her first trip.

I enjoyed the scenery in Sedona, your first sight gives you the kind of 'wow' moment that you never forget.  The shopping was interesting as there was a lot of Native American produce, but the shops were as repetitive as anything in the UK, with a few exceptions.

The vortices were incredible but if you're not into earth energy they do take some getting used to...they WILL ground you LOL.

The shape of the rocks are fascinating and you can give them your own names if you can't remember the real ones, Nicky called oen the pregnant lady and I also named a rock but it's best not mentioned here, although it was close to Nicky's expectant mum!

A few people have mentioned that they expected me to be more changed, which is odd when you consider I've done a lot of work on myself over the years and I would hope that changes would at long last be more subtle than they were.

So what's this blog about?  It's about not allowing the expectations of others to weigh you down and not feeling that you've failed because other people expected more.  It's also about allowing yourself to absorb your changes in your own good time, and not feeling bad if a treatment, a therapy or an experience fails to change you.  It just wasn't your experience and you didn't let the 'provider' down by not being changed.

Did I change in Sedona?  Oh yes.  I've done Reiki III now which was wonderful.  I learned to sit on a rock and just relax.  I realised that we don't have to have major earth-shifting changes at times that other people have designated 'times to change dramatically' and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you're enjoying the here and now.

I've come home with clarity in my mind that will solve two of my major issues in life, which gives me a real feeling that I'm moving forward and will no longer be stuck in the same rut I've been in for over 4 years.  I also understand that I can do the same thing I've been trying to do for all that time in a completely different way, something I may not have seen if I hadn't gone over 8000 miles from home.

I found that in a positive place I noticed negativity far more, especially on facebook, and it was negativity that other people might not even realise was negative.  This led to a far deeper lesson about people being who they need to be.  We all understand that at a top level but there is a deeper issue going on that needs addressing and I'm working with this in my book and through the Do Something! Tour with Nicky.

More about that later...

It was such a valuable experience going there and I will look back on it always with great affection, after all, I had a holiday!!!!  As Mike Dooley would say...

Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!  Sound of cheers and clapping!

And thanks to Nicky for suggesting I went, Tony for caring for the cats so I didn't worry (even taking into consideration the mangled toy and missing 8" of elastic!) and Jayne for trying to maintain some kind of order even if the milk got donated to the hall we use for my meetings!

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, recognition of who you are, and change at your own pace



  1. Great blog Deb, the magic of Sedona I feel is that you can just pressures and no predicted outcomes. Our uniqueness is what makes us an amazing species and if our tour can celebrate that and inspire unconditional love the bring it on!