Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Letter from Sedona

Hi everyone

This is more of a personal blog for the next few days to keep my friends up-to-date with my antics but also, having felt the Spirituality of Sedona, to update you on the amazing learning I'm sure will be happening whilst Nicky and I are over here.

So, we started off crammed into BA's cattle class for 11 straight hours in a seat barely big enough for a small person with no legroom.  However, the flight attendants were amazing, the service was superb, and I want one of those sleep pod/reclining chair things next time I do long haul!

We arrived at Sky Ranch Lodge last night after 24 hours with no or very little sleep, having had the most amazing night time tour of Sedona on the way from Phoenix airport.  What should have taken 2 hours took over 3 but we met some lovely people and now know that we need much, much more time here if we're really to get the full experience.

Today we're having breakfast at the airport - which is amazing apparently - then we're going to find out about a hire car and then get ourselves into town and have a mooch.  We don't want to do too much because tomorrow is the Grand Canyon!

On a Spiritual note I'm being a typical Gemini at the moment, on the one hand I've left the house in good hands and everything is being well looked after, the cats have company etc., but I want to come home now!

On the other hand I'll be off for the quickest shower in recorded history shortly (cleanliness may be next to Godliness but it doesn't have to take all day!), glam myself up and then I'm off to party round Sedona and the amazing red rocks - those guys are BIG!  I want a coffee at the coffee pot restaurant which used to be owned by Jayne Russell the Hollywood starlet.  Then we have an amazing amount of checking out the MBS and artists' places in Sedona and keeping the US Mail in business by sending home a few dozen parcels.  Thus turning up on our doorsteps in far too few days time smiling innocently saying "I barely bought a THING and they must have misrouted Deb/Nicky's parcels to our house...but we might as well keep them!"

Seriously, we don't want to overdo it today but there will be videos for you all around the area and there will be much walking in this amazing...outdoors.  I don't think it's called the outback or bush over here, and you definitely can't call it countryside.  It's far too grand and definitely doesn't have the gentle rolling hills of England.  Pictures will be appearing on my page tomorrow.

Take care all

Send thoughts to Tony, the cats are sulking at him!

Lots of love

Deb xx

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