Friday, 11 November 2011

Sedona Two

Well I'm back again, posting into the ether hoping that someone somewhere is reading this.

The trip is going very well.  Yesterday we went to the Grand Canyon with a bus driver called Devon.  He commented that he understood he was named after a place in the UK, but all I could think of was Cream Teas.  It took Nicky to sort that one out!  It was 7.30 am though.

After a 3 hour trip up through Flagstaff and across to the Grand Canyon National Park, we were deposited at the rim of the Grand Canyon.  Now we all know it's big, we've seen the photos on TV and it certainly looks big, but for those of you who haven't been there let me share a further insight - it is BIG.  Big on a grand scale, so big you can't take it in with your mind and your eyes.

It's also high, I know this because Nicky and I climbed over the walls to have a little peeky-poo downwards, we did peek and quite frankly we nearly...well we got back over the wall pretty sharpish.

After we'd been driven miles around the canyon, stopping at various vantage points, Devon took us onto the Navaho land which stretches for miles across the Arizona Desert.  It's amazingly unspoilt and gives you the chance to see what this beautiful country must have looked like centuries ago, although apparently one of his clients once commented that it was a pity the Navaho didn't do more with their land.

He also told us that the Hopi people believe that they entered this world through a portal at the mouth of the Little Colorado River, which is the starting point for 220 miles of 10 mile wide Canyon.

We then stopped at a Navaho trading post where most of us did serious financial damage to our bank accounts.

Throughout the day we were stalked by a raven, saw several rainbow prisms in the sky, and Nicky saw an Eagle sitting in a tree.  Because she was the a) the only person who saw this eagle and b) told us, if you want her you will find her walking at the side of the highway.  Only kidding, she had the chocolate in her bag.

There's loads more to tell.  Tomorrow, being tuned to Reiki 3 at the vortex at Cathedral Rock in Sedona.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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