Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Training the Dancing Star Way

I've been a Psychic Medium for many years and am now a professional working Psychic Medium. As part of my work I do a lot of teaching at home and abroad, recently in Sweden and in July I will be teaching in Limerick in Ireland with the SixSense Academy.

I underwent a great deal of training myself to become as professional a worker as possible, and I wholeheartedly believe in training and that good training prepares you not only to do the work to a high standard, but also for the ups and downs common to any career or calling and to help you to cope with the slings and arrows of outraged cynics.

I love inspiring people to free their own abilities and see what kind of Spiritual worker they are, yet when I first began my own training I was surprised that quite a few people coming on the courses didn't want to be Psychic Mediums or other Spiritual workers, in fact they weren't quite sure why they felt drawn to come on the courses in the first place. They went home feeling much better about life, themselves and their place in the universe but it was still a conundrum that required solving.

In fact it caused me one or two furrowed brows I can tell you, and obviously those weren't good for my on-going youthful good looks so I had to get to the bottom of this puzzle.

When I began offering training myself I started by asking the students why they thought they were on the course but to be honest "I don't really know" wasn't a particularly helpful answer. Then I turned to my Guide Amos, who obviously gave me a few pointers but said 'just see how your work develops'. Onset of another furrowed brow moment!

So knowing that he is eternally wise I just went with my work. At first I kept up with the classical style of training but gradually I realised that other things were important not just to me but to the overall personal development that is key to creating a truly good Spiritual worker. Wherever that person chooses to work.

I also realised that people were receiving the training of how to read cards or ribbons, screwed up paper (yes it's possible) or someone's jewellery, photographs or sealed envelopes; they were learning to channel the Spirit World and giving good messages with verifiable evidence; yet there was something missing.

It took me time developing myself as a tutor and a person - which is of course the best way, learn by experience and then teach by example - before I realised the two keys that had been missing.

Firstly, not everyone wants or needs to be a Psychic, Medium or healer but they do have a calling to Spirituality not the Spiritual field, and that calling is about how they live their life and the changes they make in order to be happier and more fulfilled, and generally a more positive person to be around. This is important because most people will learn by example and the Spiritual example is not and should not be exclusive to the Spiritual field.

This brings me onto the second key, which is that whether you want to be a Spiritual worker or not the skills and abilities you develop by doing the training can affect every corner of your life in a positive way. You can use them to improve your communication skills and the way you interact with others by developing your ability to understand others at a deeper level. To be in touch with your own truth and make successful decisions. When communication improves and self-honesty sets in you are far more likely to see a happy life being lived that you want to emulate.

You can use your Mediumistic skills to develop a strong contact with your Guides who can support you in walking your own Spiritual pathway, because sometimes we need more life experience and real-world opportunities in order to develop our own unique knowledge base before we begin working in the Spiritual field.

Those talents may not lead a person into becoming an obvious Spiritual worker, but it doesn't mean that at heart they're not. People aren't always ready to be offered Spiritual thinking, but it doesn't mean that they don't need to be shown a more subtle approach to everyday living.

The other thing I now know is that I didn't become a qualified Life Coach by accident or mistake, I did it because walking your talk is extremely important if you're going to act as a beacon of light and hope for others. After all, who wants to emulate an unsuccessful unhappy person?

My Coaching skills and the element of counselling I studied help me to translate the recognition that students are struggling from the Psychic 'knowing' into real life action. Those very practical skills also help me to teach students so much more than how to deliver a good message, I can show them how to develop happiness and strength in their own life rather than just concentrate on others and end up exhausted themselves.  So many Spiritual workers forget that they exist because they give too much energy to the needs of their clients (and any stranger they bump into at the supermarket, a party, at work, etc.). 

So as you can see, the training I offer goes far deeper than becoming a Spiritual worker, it includes every area of your life.
I hope that through my training I can create trust in yourself, put a smile on your face, help you to become fulfilled and happy in every area of your life, and maybe - just maybe - give birth to a few good Spiritual workers.

All that and no stretch marks or consternation wrinkles!

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and laughter lines


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