Monday, 25 July 2011

BBC Outrage

I've been watching the debate about the way the BBC treated Mediumship recently and although I haven't seen the programme I don't have a problem with their methodology.  They bought two Mediums into the discussion, ok it was by video link but that's always been an acceptable way of people appearing on news programmes etcetera.  So they gave us a chance to speak.

I'm sure that people didn't agree with us and equally sure that harsh and rude words were said.  The usual stuff about taking advantage of the weak for money probably cropped up. It really doesn't bother me.


Because I'm sure and certain of who I am and the abilities I have and I would never take advantage of anyone for money. I trust me and they don't know me, and I am comforted by the process of that logic.

Although I don't like rudeness and would prefer cynics to be polite in their condemnation of us, I can handle that condemnation because they have a right to their opinions.  If a cynic was politely dismissive I can take it.  I think it's the rudeness and suggestions that we should be shot at dawn etcetera that are unacceptable.

You see even though I know that I would never take advantage of a person for money and I know that my friends in the field wouldn't either I also accept that there are people out there who do; whose behaviour is so far over the line they can't see the line any more.  We all know that and we all know that we will be unfairly judged by their standards.  I'm sure that decent accountants, doctors and police officers feel exactly the same way.

When it comes to the question of earning money for our work, let's face it, there are Mediums in the field who agree with that statement.  I feel that choosing whether to be a professional working Medium and exercising the right to use your abilities as work is a very personal thing, and we have to accept that those who feel our abilities are a gift will always disagree with us earning money.  Even priests who work directly for God are paid and given a roof over their heads.

I prefer to do this work full time and again I have full confidence that this is a good use of my time that benefits others.  I know that there are people out there who have been greatly helped to both heal their grief and guide their life because I do this for a living.  I am comfortable with my personal decision.  Other people exercise their rights to work for themselves utilising their abilities and I choose to do the same.

We also know that we can't change the mind of any other human being.  If we have the free will to be Mediums then they have the free will not to believe in us.  Moreover, anyone without our life experience will never be able to imagine it in their wildest dreams.

So the message is this, don't be defensive, don't be hurt.  Just get on and do what you do.  Convert those you can save and be gentle with those you can't even if they can't be gentle with you.  Use your energy for the good, don't waste it on a battle that can't be won...yet.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights


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