Friday, 18 May 2012

Viva La (Psychic) Difference!

I'm not a person who launched into or has ever done this work purely for the buzz it's given me, like everything I do in life I think deeply about what I'm doing.  I examine my motives for doing it, and I work to ensure that I do my absolute best for my clients at all times.

Over the years I've become aware that I'm a very different Psychic Reader to most people but I've never understood why.  I give what I'm given through the cards or what I pick up from their aura, and that's all I can give because that's what's there to be shared.

Many clients have come back to me telling me that everything I said in the last Reading I did for them has come true, and I know of at least two people who met their current partners in exactly the month I said that love would come in.  However, I still don't understand why some Psychics seem to work mainly on predicting the future and I don't, and I know there are others like me.

When I have a problem like that I always put it over to the Spirit World and ask my Guide, Amos, to help me understand the plan.  This morning I woke up with the answer.

I don't work purely on the surface level, which is to say working on the obvious such as when will love come into someone's life, in exactly what month should they leave their job, telling them yes and no about moving home. I work at an emotional and soul level.

Everyone is here to live their own life and to create that life to their own satisfaction and happiness.  We all know that the right two people can meet, and then mess it up spectacularly later on.  We all know that the right job can turn up but the wrong mindset within that job will always find fault with it and make it difficult.

I realise that I've told many clients over the years that things other psychics told them didn't work out because of deeper emotional reasons going on with them - not with other people. You see, you can believe that things keep going wrong for you, particularly romance, because you attract the wrong people all the time.  Whilst that is partly true, it will mainly be because there is something going on with your feelings and approach to life that creates an attraction to the wrong people in the first place.

So no matter how much bounty and happiness you're promised, if you have blocks to accepting the joy in life then it will be really hard for you to find the joy that you deserve.  That's where I come in with my work.  Helping people to identify their underlying life and soul issues so that they're ready to jump on any brilliant opportunity that comes their way, and not so busy looking on the dark side of life that they don't see the flash of light that passes them heading on to find someone who was watching.

I've also had to deal with a fair number of clients who have received negative predictions and are now officially terrified of the future.  However, when I look into it for them I usually discover that there are positive ways to avoid much of the mess they've been promised because nothing is written in stone until you write it.  Sometimes, sadly, it isn't possible to be positive but that's very very rare and there is always coping advice that can be given to support the person through that time.

I now know that my job is to help people deal with their lives on that emotional level, to help them clear the blocks within them, deal with problems confronting them in a positive way, and enable them to manage their own emotional, Spiritual and physical lives successfully and with minimal assistance by teaching them simple techniques for managing life.

Wishing you happy days, peaceful nights, and plenty of happiness and relaxation


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