Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Negativity - and all the places it hides!

I've been following the comments on a certain popular social networking site recently and to be honest I'm appalled at the level of negativity in peoples' comments and the amount of arguments that are developing because people don't agree with each others' viewpoints.

I have to be honest, it's beginning to be a little boring and depressing even checking out the latest thoughts.

I don't want to add yet another negative, but all grown adults know that life can be challenging and there is no need to create more upset and unhappiness, nor burden others with your personal negativity.

We are all aware how much information there is out there on how important positive thinking is in creating a better life, which means we really have no excuse for promoting a negative life view; especially those who work in the Spiritual field.

We know that negativity is damaging.  We know that "your life is what your thoughts make it".  For goodness sake Marcus Aurelius said that in the 1st Century AD, what excuse do we have for not having caught on by now?

How about we expand on that?  "Other peoples' lives are affected by your thoughts" ME.

What you teach others, what you say to and about others, what you teach your children, all has a significant effect on how they live their lives, and maybe even on peoples' health.

So please, please, I implore you, try to be a positive force in this world.  I know how hard it is when life has dealt you a blow, but a wonderful friend of mine always puts a positive post on a day like that and then tries to live up to it!  Give it a go if you can.

Lastly, don't fear the opinions of others, this is a very big world and there is plenty of room for all the beliefs and outlooks that we can create, and more.  Most importantly, if others are aggressive towards you it is likely that your thoughts or plans are in some way frightening them.  

As it says in "Conversations with God" by Neil Donald Walsh, there are only two emotions, love and fear, and all other emotions come from there.

In a positive and happy frame of mind.


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