Sunday, 29 April 2012

Good Grief! Has it Been THAT Long?

Well one and all, don't I feel silly that I haven't blogged since the beginning of February, but it's been one of those times.

You know the kind of time, 10 weeks of your life have flashed past and if you're honest there's very little to show for it.  I have done a course for my lovely Swedish students and now friends, which included a private trip to Stonehenge where they got to walk amongst the stones; don't teach about earth energy introduce them to it!  That's my motto.

Yet I can't honestly find another reason for such a prolonged silence or neglect of my work.  It seems to me that lack of motivation is one of the quickest ways to have your life rocket forwards leaving you behind wondering what to do...and it has to stop.  How though?

Discipline of course!

It's no good my sitting here pretending that I want things to happen, I need to make them happen.  I need to knock on doors, make telephone calls, talk to people, make plans, and basically CREATE something!  After all, before one can "Do Something!" (c) one has to create the energy that generates the energy to get things done.

So, today I've blogged, set up a mailing list, written out a nice new but easy to cook healthy recipe, and had a wonderful lunch with two friends of - we now realise - of nearly 10 years.  Yesterday I tidied my desk and threw stacks of paper that I'd kept I know not why into the recycling.  Tonight I'm joining some great mates and the lovely Nicky Marshall on the UKPN radio much better than sitting heap-like in front of the TV.

Not a motivational blog at all, just a sharing of the kind of things that drive us all crazy from time to time.

Happy creating and doing

Deb xx

P.S.  I can copyright "Do Something!" because it's the name of our Tour!  LOL

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