Monday, 30 April 2012

Self-Improvement Doesn't Always Have to be Serious!

I have an irreverent sense of humour.  I was born in the days when political incorrectness was the norm and no feelings were spared in the quest for a laugh.  Mother-in-laws were fair game, two grown men could make you howl with laughter whilst sharing the same bed - as friends, and Thames Television got away with "Love Thy Neighbour" despite numerous audience complaints.

When you were young at the time I was laughing at life was compulsory and no one took anything more seriously than they absolutely had to.

Fast forward 30 years.  I'm now a Psychic Medium and Inspirational Speaker, Writer and Life Coach, and my raison d'etre is looking after people who aren't happy and working to help them find their inner sparkle again, in a day and age in which we really need all the giggles we can get, but political correctness makes laughing a lot more worrying than it was in simpler, more innocent times.  Even laughing has its issues nowadays!

However, my years Coaching and Reading for people tell me that we do need to lighten up as much as we can.  Whether that's by realising that the really serious issues can't be forgotten so just accept that they sit in your memory and access those memories as infrequently as possible.  Following on logically from that, the less seriously we take everything that doesn't fall into the 'really serious' category the better off we'll be.  We can perhaps do that by accepting that in reality very few things are truly serious - most are just majorly over-thought.

One of the best ways to avoid over-seriousness-ing things is to stop making up stories.  If something is bad then it's inescapably bad.  Yet making up stories of how bad things that are not inescapably bad might get only detracts from sorting those things out.  Creating scenarios in your mind as to what others might do only prevents you from having a conversation with them that might prevent the 'might'.

Staying in a job you hate because you've made up a story that you're in the frying pan and the next step is the fire, or this is the only possible career on the planet you could ever have, or there is simply no other way of making money, or change is impossible for a million reasons,  is just inside the box thinking that has no place in a happy and fulfilled life.

The other thing we all take too seriously nowadays is identifying our issues and recovering from them.  It's one thing to work to identify your truth and once you've found that truth then "Do Something!" about whatever it is that needs doing something about.  It's quite another to spend your life in therapy, lurching from practitioner to practitioner, therapist to therapist, reader to reader and coach to coach, whilst never actually doing something about anything you've identified.  Don't be on a constant quest for the answer - become the answer.

My friend Nicky Marshall and I are shortly to launch a positive and inspirational newsletter based on fictitious life problems worded in deliberately amusing terms and answered with a fair dollop of good, old-fashioned, off the wall humour.  There will be nuggets of pure inspiration and useful advice carefully sprinkled amongst the silliness, but given a choice as to whether to impress you with our worthiness and knowledge or make you laugh out loud whilst we're trying to help you - we'll go for the giggles every time.

Besides, more often than not a joke will stick in the memory far longer than a few well chosen words of advice.

Off to create a touch of mischief.


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