Friday, 17 December 2010

Was the Archangel Gabriel a Double Agent?

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Ok you probably think I'm being flippant and taking God's right hand messenger's name in vain at Christmas of all times.  I'm not, it's a serious question.

At a time when Jesus should be in the forefront of our minds and Christmas should be about peace on earth and goodwill to all men - to that I would add women and anyone else you're currently muttering about under your breath - shouldn't we be seriously thinking about that whole peace concept thingy?

Yet the very religions that are supposed to bring out the best in us have been used to allow humankind to demonstrate the worst of themselves as often as possible and with apparently reckless abandon to the point where many of us have abandoned them.

Whether that demonstration comes in the form of war, allowing others to starve, chopping down our neighbours' tree when they're not looking, cutting someone up on a roundabout, or gossiping to A about B and then B about A, we seem to have allowed the whole peace on earth thing to be something that is written on Christmas cards once a year.

Even our religions can seem to be different things created by apparently different Gods with different states of mind and attitudes towards life.  Yet the presence of the Archangel Gabriel in both Christianity (or actually pre-Christianity because Jesus was in fact a Jew) and the Muslim religion can only lead us to one of two conclusions:

1.  The Archangel Gabriel was a double agent working for three sides and three Gods.
2.  There is only one God.

Whether you're talking about mainstream religion or the Spiritual field, one thing you can be sure of is that Gabriel's name is revered within them all.  Whatever name you give to that being: God, Allah, The Universe, Father/Mother God, Divine Light, or anything else you care to name, Gabriel is right there, and (S)he's right there as the messenger of...(insert your preferred name for divine presence).

So at this special time for the Christian religion, whether you embrace it's beliefs or use Christmas purely as a time to spoil your family and friends and spend time with those you love, should we not bear in mind that peace on earth isn't a concept - it's an instruction.  An instruction which the presence of Gabriel reinforces precisely because (s)he was used to connect two very different types of faith, and because people in the Spiritual field feel his/her presence even now.

Gabriel is the Universal messenger to demonstrate our connection as one race of humankind and to remind us how alike we all are.

At this special Christmas time within our society I would like to wish all people of all religions and persuasions, all beliefs and philosophies, a very happy time.

In the hope that we'll remember how alike we are supposed to be.

Wishing you happy days and peaceful nights.



  1. hi deb. hope you and yours are well?

    we celebrate the solstice in our family.........we also celebrate christmas to spend time with family.

    we have many friends with varied beiefs that celebrate different things.....

    the most important thing here that i am trying to say is ......we all have very different beliefs and yet we are able to celebrate all together celebrating our different beliefs and our different gods...

  2. ps.....
    also we hope to bring willow up being taught about other beliefs and in a ......hopefully in a multi culturul/faith society.

    she can decide when she is old enough.....

  3. Exactly, that's what matters isn't it Emma. That we understand that whatever beliefs we share they all have a place, and we ignore what humankind has done with them.

    Happy New Year, see you soon.